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UK Weekly Top 10 Movies!

Week ending 24th February 2013

By Kirkiechick


Hello there! The number one has changed again this week. We have Wreck –It Ralph moved back up to the top spot. I went to this film and I really enjoyed. It is has a great story appealing for adults and children alike. Let us see what the rest of the chart brings.



1. Wreck-It Ralph, £3,420,196: Total: £18,624,692

2. A Good Day to Die Hard, £1,646,541: Total: £8,192,198

3. Mama, £1,512,297 (New)

4. Les Misérables, £765,367: Total: £37,804,139

5. I Give It a Year, £632,195: Total: £5,084,998

6. Cloud Atlas, £544,725 (New)

7. This Is 40, £473,915: Total: £2,288,475

8. Song for Marion, £456,714 (New)

9. Django Unchained, £427,027: Total: £14,541,950

10. Beautiful Creatures, £398,401: Total: £2,170,260


At number 2 we have A Good Day to Die Hard. It is a good film if you just want mindless action and not much story. It is a Die Hard film what are you expecting? At number 3 we have a new entry with Mama. A scary film telling the story of two children who go missing on the day that their father kills their mother. Their Uncle spends five years looking for them. They are found in a cabin in the woods, but have they brought something back with them? At number 4 is Les Miserables still bringing in audiences. Best to have your hanky ready! At number 5 we have I Give It a Year. The British romantic comedy is making people laugh with its unconventional type of love story. Number 6 is a new entry with Cloud Atlas. I really enjoyed this film. It took a while to get used to the storyline jumping back and forth across centuries. A visually amazing film. At number 7 is This is 40. It seems this sort of sequel to Knocked Up hasn’t done as well as the predecessor. We have Song for Marion at number 8. This is a film for the Grey Pound, unfortunately not doing as good as previous films like Quartet this year and Exotic Marigold Hotel last year. At number 9 we have Django Unchained. Still bringing in audiences with its different take on a western. At number 10 we have Beautiful Creatures for the teens and fantasy lovers.


I hope there is something for everyone in this chart this week. That is your top ten films for this week. Until next time happy cinema viewing!


(Source: The Guardian Online)

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