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Autumn of Terror: Thing’s That Go Bump In The Night

By Geeky Gem

Horror movies come in many forms, slasher movies, monster movies and then there are ghost movies. These movies are about the things you can’t see, the things that go bump in the night. Here I am going to tell you about some of the ones that I really like. Yes folks its yet another list, you may see that I am a fan of a good list.

The Devils Backbone

The Devils Backbone is not a movie you would expect me to hae on this list but this Spanish movie made by Guillermo del Toro, was a movie I saw a few years ago when I wanted to watch all of del Toro’s back catalogue and it kind of stuck in my mind, yes it is a ghost movie. A young bot is taken to a orphange to stay for a bit and then strange things start to happen he starts to see ghost’s and what is the kindly Dr. Casares up to? If you haven’t seen this but like del Toro’s work it really is worth a watch.


Now I am not going to lie to you, I like this movie however there is one scene that really does bother me and that’s because the thing in the scene is the one thing that scares me more than anything. if you know outside of the blog you will know what this is. If you don’t tough because I am not going to tell you. However back to the movies, Tobe Hooper who was on one of my other lists earlier in the series directed this movie and did a fine job. Poltergeist is a really good movie and spawned a number of squeals.


Before the American remake in 2002, Ringu was made in Japan back in 1998 and soon became a cult classic. The tale is simple there is a cursed video that if you should watch it in 7 days you die a horrible death. The movie moves on from there really and is a brilliant bit of Japanese horror directed by Hideo Nakata based on the book by Kōji Suzuki, it tells the tale of a reporter trying to find out what ad how this has happened. It’s a race against time with twists and turns all over the place.

Paranormal Activity

Now I have had a hard time finding movies in modern horror that I have liked, Saw was brilliant but got a bit stupid by the time they got to 7. The 3D remake of My Bloody Valentine was the first 3D movie I saw which I enjoyed, since then I have found it hard to like modern horror. However this little chestnut crept up on me. At first I thought I am not going to like this it screams Blair Witch Project all over. However I found I did like it and I have watched them all, directed by  Oren Peli it follows the story of  Katie and Micah, who are trying to find out what is haunting their home, the movie is pieced together from footage that te coupe taped in order to see what was going on in their home. If you havent seen it then way not give it go.


Can you tell I was a child of the 1980’s? I love this movie, and still live in hope that the rumored third movie will still come out. Nw had the people the movies above has just called these guys they wouldn’t have had such a bad time now would they. The Ghostbusters was directed by Ivan Reitman and written by two of the movies stars Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis which I think adds something to the movie. Its one of those movies you can watch over and over again. Basically the Ghostbusters help people who have ghost problem by catching said ghost for a small fee,  it’s a funny movie and I had to have on this list.

I hope these things that go bump in the night didn’t scare you too much, and that some of these movies are best watched from behind your duvet or behind your hands. See you next time, I have to go and call some one as they’re here.

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