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Page Vs Picture

By Geeky Gem

Now so far on our journey though page to screen we have covered the first four Harry potter books. Today is no different, as we enter the world of book five and things get even darker for Harry and his friends at Hogwarts.

As always we shall start with the book.

I have to admit something here and as I say it I hang my head in shame, I found this book very hard to get into at first. This may have been due to the fact I bought it on relase day but didnt pick it up for a while after as I went on holiday and accidently left it behind, how stupid was that? As that happened many of my friends had finished the book before I got back and as they are good friends tired to keep  my read spoiler free. This did not however stop them from bugging me on how far had I got.

For those of you who have not read the book here is a brief summery of the events take place at Hogwarts during year five. Harry is spending another awful summer with the Dursley’s when he is forced to preform the Patronus charmon some Dementors in front of Dudley, this results in his exploitation from Hogwarts. However as always some one has Harry back’s and he allowed to appeal against this decision at the Ministry of Magic.

When Harry gets back to Hogwarts he finds Dumbledore will not speak to him and is pushing him away, Harry is unsure why, so he seeks help from other places. Sirius being one of these places. The Ministry thinks Hogwarts is going down hill, so sends in Dolores Umbridge to sort the school out. This leads to Harry and his friends forming Dumbledore’s Army, in order to keep themselves safe. Which leads to a huge confrontation in the Ministry itself and the first death since Harry’s parents to happen in the book.

As I said above I found this one really hard to get into and I didn’t finish it in the time scale that I had the others, it took me a lot longer to read. I know it was a longer book as they got bigger each time, but this one was a hard read, but no less enjoyable. Shall we move on to the film?

Frist up there is another director change in this movie, David Yates steps up to the mark on this one. Also for the first time in the movie fanchise so far, Steve Kloves does not write the screenplay, this time it’s Michael Goldenberg who I felt follows Kolves style.

There are very few cast changes in this one but there are some wonderful addtions, in Luna Lovegood and Nymphadora Tonks to name a few. There is also the nasty but brillaintly played, Dolores Umbridge. Again I feel I have to be honest and say this is not my favourtie of the movies, this one has so much talking and set up in it for the last three that in a few places it can be a bit boring. However that being said my all time favourite scene takes place in this movie and that is the exit scene of Fred and George from Hogwarts, it is fantastic.

Now I feel it’s time to answer the question, as always, which is better, the book or the film? The current score is a tie at 2 a piece. This one is harder than the others, as I struggled with both, please dont think that I dont like them as I do, I really do, it was just hard going. Anyway to aswer the question which is better? I think I am going to have to go with book this time, and this is due to the simple fact there is a little bit more back story about Neville in the book, which is not seen in the movie and I wish it had been there as it makes the character so much deeper.

Now the score is Book – 3 Film – 2. Can film bring it back? Come back and check it out soon. Until then, happy watching and happy reading.

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