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Wednesday Whimsy!


By Geeky Gem

Wednesday Whimsy by Geeky Gem, what’s this I hear you say? Well Mr Beefnuts have given me special permission to write this weeks whimsy. Now I am going to try to stick to his format and basically talk about a few things I have been doing over the past few weeks.

Well that being said shall we begin?

I have recently brought myself an Xbox 360 and have already started losing many hours of my life to gaming, I havent done this for some time. Yes, I still own my Playstation 3 and I am not about to dump it but I have wanted to get one for some time, so I did. this is the part where I tell you what games I have been playing one might surprise you one may not.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

I really enjoy the Lego games they can be real fun and nice easy bit of gaming if you don’t fancy anything to taxing. This one follows all four movies as you play as many characters to become a True Pirate.  The other game I have been playing is this bad boy –


This is my first Elder Scrolls game that I have played and so far I love it, I turned it on to play it and then all of a sudden it was five later. I have feeling I am going to lose a lot more time to this game and I can’t wait. Did i mention it has Dragons? Just saying.

The other thing I like to do when I am not gaming is reading and at the moment I am reading both a book and a graphic novel. My current book is new and was recommended to me by some one I have met online though Pottermore. So Thanks Olivia.

City of Bones

This is a book by Cassandra Clare and is the first book in The Mortal Instruments series note this is soon to be a major movie release. This is not however the reason I picked up the book, it was purely because Olivia said I would like it ans she was not wrong. The story is simple Clary Fray has witnessed a murder but this was no normal murder the victim was a demon and now she is plunged into a world of demon hunters. I am really enjoying it, so if it sounds like the book for you give it try.

My graphic novel of choice at the moment is not a re-read of part one but a first time read of part 2.

Kick Ass

I loved Kick Ass, the first graphic novel was fantastic and I cant wait to read Kick Ass 2 let alone see the new movie due out soon. It’s just so fast paced and so out there. The art is fantastic and if you have never read it you really need there is so much more to it than what you see in the movie.

Another of my pass times is watching Television and not one but two of my favourite shows have started again the US and even with one of them showing here at the same time the other isnt and for the first time in ages I couldn’t wait and I have seen it.

Dexter Season 7

If you have never seen Dexter then shame on you, it is a brilliant show and as it enters its last two season we are drawn into the final chapters of  Dexter’s story. How will it end, hopefully not the way his life started covered in blood, who I am kidding of course that is how it will end. Season 7 starts where season 6 left off with Deb finding Dexter in a less than perfect situation.

Now you dont have to be a genuis to figure out what other show i am about to mention, all you to have done is read my blogs and know me a little.

The Walking Dead Season 3

This is the story arc I have been waiting for, The Walking Dead survivors are back and they have a whole new situation to deal with and this has one of the most evil comic book villains coming up and I for one can not wait. The Governor is just pure evil and I hope they play it out like that, the season opener was really good and i cant wait to see what else they have coming up.

Well there we have it folks, my first and maybe last whimsy. That being said I have really enjoyed sharing this with you. What is it the young people say Laters.

Page vs Picture

By Geeky Gem

 For this weeks Book vs. Film, we are at Hogwarts again but this time there is tournament going on. Time to take a trip though Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the fourth book in J.K Rowling’s series.


Well as always we start with the book. This book marked the start of Harry Potter not only getting darker but longer. This book was a lot longer than the three books that came before it, and as always I could not put it down. However as I had bought the first four in one go, I was left thinking what will I do while I wait for the new one? Order of the Phoenix was yet to be published. That being said I tried to slow down how fast I was reading it. This plan did not work, and I finished it with ease.

Now to the quick round-up of the book, during the three previous novels, Harry Potter, has struggled with the difficulties that come with growing up and the added challenge of being a famous wizard. When in his third year at Hogwarts, Harry finds out what really happened to his parents and that he does have some family in the world, in the form of godfather Sirius Black. Harry goes back to school in his fourth year, just hoping he can make it through one school year with out anything going on.
However this is Harry we are talking about, when has he ever had a quite school year? This year Hogwarts is playing host to two other wizarding school as they hold the Triwizard Cup. The schools are Beauxbatons and Durmstang. A champion is chosen from each school to compete in three tasks and their performance is scored; at the conclusion, one champion is chosen as the victor, and given a thousand Galleons prize money. However, owing to the dangerous nature of the tournament, no one under seventeen years of age is allowed to enter. Yet some how Harry’s name not only ends up in the cup, but he is picked to take part. Will he make it out alive? We are also introduced to a new teacher called Mad-Eye Moody, again he becomes the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. He has some unorthodox teaching methods which causes controversy within the school, notably his use of Transfiguration as punishment and his lessons on the Unforgivable Curses.
 I really enjoyed this book, mostly because it did start to get darker and it sets up some fantastic character’s as well as plots that will all lead to the end of Harry Potter in the last book.

Well that’s the book done, time to move on to the movie.

Now for this movie came out in 2005 and it was all change, Mike Newell directed this instalment of the movie, marking the third director in the series. Steve Kloves stayed on to write the adaptation and it was produced by David Heyman.
As for the cast they all stay the same, with the addition of Brendan Gleeson as Professor Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody and David Tennant as Bartemius “Barty” Crouch Jr. Some of my favorite scenes involve these two actors, namely Mad-Eye’s unforgivable curses class and Barty’s transformation scene. The reason I like this movie is the Dragons, it always leads back to dragons for me anything with them in and I have to watch it. As I said before this marks Harry Potter getting darker, and marks the first time there is a visible death of a character on-screen.
While I sit here and think about the question I pose each time I write one of these, I seem to find it harder and harder to answer, but it must be done. Both the book and the movie are fantastic in their own ways, the book is darker and the movie has an excellent cast. 

This time shall it be book or shall it be the film that wins? For this round I think i have to go with the book, on the basis of the darker twist in the tail and some excellent new characters. That brings the score to Book 2 – Film 2. There we have it, until next time, happy watching and happy reading.


Take Flight With Dragons

By Geeky Gem

 I am going to start by saying I love Dragons. I think they are one of the most interesting mythical creatures out there. I like the fact they can fly, breath fire and in some cases be tamed in order to be ridden. They fascinate me, so here I want to share with you my top five movies that include a Dragon. Now the dragons on this list are either the main character or just happened to be in the movie.

 Pete’s Dragon


Pete’s Dragon I believe was the first film I ever saw with a Dragon in it, I loved this movie and often watched it with my Grampy, so it holds a special place in my heart. The story is about an orphan boy called Pete who has a very special, very secret friend called Elliot who happens to be a Dragon. The story is sweet and is really about Pete and Elliot, the trouble they get in to and how they get out of it.




Dragonheart has to be up here in the Dragon list as Draco is played by Sean Connery who has an awesome voice for such a fantastical creature. The cast is very rich in the movie with Denis Quiad and David Thewlis fitting the bill. There was just something about this one that I thought was brilliant. I think it is down to the fact that they basically go around conning villages into helping with their Dragon problem, which to me is funny.


Reign of Fire

Slightly more grown up movie here, with Dragons burning the place up. Basically a brood of fire-breathing dragons emerges from the earth and begins setting fire to everything, establishing dominance over the planet. Which is really good. Another all star cast in this one with Christian Bale and Gerard Butler. Although this movie is only a 12, the Dragon’s in this one are, unlike the other two I have mentioned, not friendly, and are in fact scary and want the death of all the humans. It adds a grown up edge to Dragon’s, not all of them can talk and want to be your friend.


The 7th Voyage of Sinbad


Now this movie doesn’t have a Dragon at the heart of the story, but we here at All Geek like Ray Harryhausen so much I had to include this Dragon on the list. I love these movies, OK the the effects are dated and they don’t age well (umm speak for yourself Gem!! (Hmsbeefnuts)), but for the time in which they were released they were fantastic. I mean look at this fantastic beast, it’s amazing. In case you want to know what the film is about, a princess is shrunken by an evil wizard, Sinbad must undertake a quest to an island of monsters to cure her and prevent a war.


How to Train Your Dragon


I know, I’ve gone back to a kid’s movie, but I couldn’t leave this off the list seen as I watch it about once a month. Yes that’s right folks, I know it word for word, I cant help it, it is brilliant and for all the right reasons, Dragon riding, beautiful scenes and backdrops. All paired up with fantastic music and a wonderful story. A hapless young Viking who aspires to hunt dragons becomes the unlikely friend of a young dragon himself, and learns there may be more to the creatures than he assumed.


There we have it, five of my all time favourite movies with Dragons in them. If you haven’t seen any of theses then why not give them a go? There are so many I missed out like Dragonslayer and Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 2, both of which have fantastic Dragons in. Not to mention B-movie fair Dragon Wars. Any way, keep your eyes to the skies, you never know when these brilliant beasts may return.

Top 6 Sexy Geeky Royalty:Or Hmsbeefnuts Can’t Think Of Anything to Post Up Of Any Worth, And So Has To Rely On An Easy Backup

 By @hmsbeefnuts

If I have learned one thing about writing a blog these past few months, it’s this, posts about sexually attractive females produce far more views than those that do not feature pictures of scantily clad ladies. Oh and zombies are quite popular too. If only there were a way to combine the two? Hmm, Hmsbeefnuts Presents: The Top 5 Scantily Clad Zombie Babes? The Top 10 Babes Killed By Zombies? Hmm… it has suddenly all become clear. Anyway, now that you know that this article is basically just a base grab for traffic to the site, and my motives have been laid bare, we should not dilly dally. On with the Sexy Geek Royals!!! Oh a small note on my choices, Disney Princess’s were certainly considered, but being animated, and of undetermined age, I was not sure I could include them. Belle and Ariel were very close to being picked.

Dejah Thoris

I like my Princess’s like I like my curry, meek, mild and in need of a heroic figure to save them from certain death, but with a hidden strength. Dejah Thoris ticks all these boxes, she is like a fantastic chicken korma, but you know, much much sexier, and Mars royalty, so not much like a korma at all. I think I need to go back to the extended metaphorical drawing board… Dejah Thoris is like a really sexy, princess, who lives on Mars, and as luck would have it, that is exactly what she is. Smart, sexy and just bloody lovely and loveable, Dejah is my kind of Martian. She has a barbarian aesthetic, with Sci-Fi leanings, and is a clear influence on our next, and rather obvious entrant. For me though, Dejah has her protégée beat, hands down.

Liea Organa

Yes, yes I know, obvious right? Well yes it is, but I would like a little time to explain. I have never really found Princess Liea that sexy. I wouldn’t say she was that beautiful, she is a pain in the arse most of the time, and I’m sure Han Solo could do much much better, at least in the looks department. Where she does score points though, is in the spunky (hey now), kick arse kind of way. She is a woman in charge, and she kicks arse and takes names, and I happen to like that. Of course all the bullshit in the world can be said about why she would appear in this list, but at the end of the day, we all know why she is here, that slave outfit. Quite simply, the outfit she wears in Jabba’s Palace could be included in this list on its own, it is that sexy. You may notice I haven’t featured a picture of Carrie Fisher (sorry Ms. Fisher) but just look at the picture I did post up, are you telling me one slave Liea is better than many? Then you Sir/Madam, are a damn liar. Princess Liea gets picked for the fact she gave the world THAT slave outfit. Thank you George Lucas, all is forgiven.

Wonder Woman

An Amazonian Princess, and certainly the one woman on this list you would not want to get on the wrong side of, Wonder Woman is both cool and sexy, and could give most superheroes a good kicking. Once again, Diana wears a quite simply staggering outfit, and once again, we dip into my deprived psyche and uncover a little kink that should perhaps remain hidden. Wonder Woman is not the typical damsel in distress princess that I would normally go for, but variety is the spice of life so they say, and a 6 ft. dark haired warrior woman, is nothing to shake a stick (I said stick) at. Wonder Woman gets the nod then, and the fact she is well into bondage can only be seen as a massive plus!

Princess Farah

Oh Jane Seymour, an English Rose, a medicine woman, a sex crazed mother of a wedding crasher’s crush. Oh Jane, one of the most beautiful women to ever live, Bond Girl, milf, and Arabian Princess? Why not? I think I became obsessed by Jane Seymour at a very early age, around the age of 4. My love of Ray Harryhausen movies made me re-watch Jason and Clash and the Sindbad movies, over and over again. Obviously the draw of these movies were the monsters, the monsters and the adventure, but if one thing could distract me from the Cyclops’, Dragons and Griffons, it was the beautiful damsel in distress that the heroes had to save, and surely none more beautiful than Princess Fara, played by Jane Seymour. Just look at her, like a work of art come to life, and oh boy, did those Arabian Princess’s know how to dress sexy. At the age of 4, I probably didn’t know why Ms. Seymour was attractive, I just knew I wanted to look at her, yes folks, I was a pervert even back then, but I feel no shame about this. If you don’t want to look at Jane Seymour, you my friend are wrong, not I. Time for some Sindbad I feel…

Daenerys Targaryen

Let me make this clear, I am very much talking about the Emilia Clarke version of Daenerys from the Game of Thrones TV show, as the one in the book starts off at like 14 years old. So, TV Daenerys… what can be said, easily one of the most beautiful women on TV, Daenerys Stormborn knocked me out the first time I saw her. The fact she doesn’t wear many clothes (when she wears clothes at all) was in no way a factor in this, honest. All about the eyes… hmm anyway. Initially a bullied weak character, Daenerys soon learns what it is to be a Khaleesi, and lead her own Khalasaar. Oh and did I mention she is also know as The Mother of Dragons? Hmm I wonder why? Daenerys is perhaps my personal favourite sexy royal woman in this list, but I’m a sucker for a blonde petite woman, not wearing leather and hand rearing 3 flying lizards, but that’s just me.

Countess Elisabeth Bathory


I guess that some would think a Countess is far less important than a Princess, but then you haven’t seen Countess Elisabeth Bathory, the Bloody Countess. The version of this very real historical figure that I would personally choose to fancy most is Hammer Horror legend, Ingrid Pitt, one of the all time great film beauties. In real life, Bathory was said to be related to the great inspiration for Dracula himself, Vlad Tepesh, also known as the Impaler, and it seems that gruesomeness may run in the family. Bathory was said to be obsessed with youth and beauty, and would abduct virgin village girls and servants, drain them of their blood, and bathe in it, in order to keep her young and desirable. In the film Countess Dracula, this certainly seems to work, as I can think of few women more desirable then Ingrid Pitt. So yes, she was rumoured to have killed around 500 virgin girls, and took a lot of baths, but it was probably all here say and lies, and anyway, when you look like Ingrid Pitt, as I’m sure she did in real life, then you are allowed 1 or 500 indiscretions.

So there we have it, 6 amazingly sexy examples of geeky royalty, now, all I have to do is count the views,hahahahahahahahah hahahahaha…

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