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My Top 30 Favourite Movies: Part 3

By Geeky Gem

When last we meet I was just finishing a list of 20 movies I love. The problem there was I couldn’t stop and I came up another 10 but after this list that it I will add no more. Again these are just an add-on to the 20 you have already seen and are in no real order.

Harry Potter

While working on my top 20 before I made it 30, I came to notice I left off a series of movies that had me going to cinema once a year for a good number of years. Harry Potter, I will not say much as I have not much else to say about them other than brilliant.


Shaun of the Dead

The first part of the Cornetto trilogy never fails to bring a smile to my face. I can watch this movie over and over again plus it has zombies, this way I feel I can say no more on this movie. If you haven’t seen it go watch it now.



In a quest for epicness it would be rude to leave this movie off of any list. Brilliant and it has some of the best dialogue ever. On my signal unleash hell, stunning set and fights mixed with a simple story makes for a good watch.


Star Wars

The trilogy that made people go, Oooo lookie space battles. With a theme tune you can’t help but hum along too even if sometimes it ends up sounding like Superman and vice a versa. A fantastic story, amazing characters and stuff blows up what’s not to like.


This is another of m all time favourite, movies, so much so a few years ago I bought the soundtrack on CD. Something I do for lots of movies I like. I often wanted the Goblin King to take my brother away just so I could go to the Labyrinth. Sadly this never happened, no matter how many times I stood in my brother’s room and said the words. Sorry Dan.


The Princess Bride

If haven’t seen the Princess Bride then I feel bad for you and you must now hand in your geek card and go watch it. Then and only then may you have your geek card back. It’s a brilliant movie, fun for all the family and the fight between Westley and Inigo is awesome. Don’t believe me go back to Sumer Knights and look for my Sword Fights article.


Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

This was Square’s first full length future and it fitted perfectly into the world of Final Fantasy. It was beautiful to look at and amazing to watch. The story is simple and cast is rich. If you haven’t seen it but like Final Fantasy then go check it out.


Spirited Away

As many of you know I love Studio Ghibli movies and this one is frankly my favourite. Another simple story line of a girl trying to find her parents in a mythical land is brought to life in this animation in a way that only Ghibli can do.


The Dark Crystal

The first time I saw this movie, I didn’t like it. I was young and the Skeksis vulture-like tyrants scared me. As I got older I watched it again as I love Jim Henson and found that I loved it almost as much as Labyrinth. A brilliantly dark movie, with lots of action for Gelfling Jen, as he tries to save his planet.

 Iron Man

Now The Avengers was on my first list but my favourite member of The Avengers is Iron Man, This is an awesome movie and it put not only The Avengers on the map but brought Robert Downey Jr back to us. He is brilliant as Tony Stark; he just brings something to him that I can’t picture anyone else playing him.

That’s it we have come to end of my journey to pick 30 movies I love. I so could have gone on and on but then that would be too much. Like 30 wasn’t? Ha ha.

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