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By @hmsbeefnuts

Four years ago, I didn’t know what a podcast was. Or, if I did, I certainly had no interest in listening to them. Right now however, I’m listening to a podcast, I listen to podcasts when I walk my dog, when I chill out, whenever I can really. I only really listen to music now in my car, the rest of the time, I want to listen to like minded geeks, comedians, journalists and ex pro wrestlers talk about important stuff, or more likely, rubbish for an hour or so. I have found most of the podcasts I currently listen to on my own, for to my knowledge, few of my friends listen to them. I thought then, it was about time I wrote a little something about the shows I never miss, shows that offer free entertainment every week, and who can argue with free?


Eons ago now it seems, Gaming website had one of the greatest podcasts of all time, TalkRadar. Sadly this has gone, but the current crop of gaming goodfellas are back with a new podcast, RadioRadar. Only one episode old, RadioRadar is a serious gaming podcast, with a sense of fun, a great listen for all the relevant gaming news. Here is a link to, where you can find RadioRadar, as well as another podcast, and one of my favourites. GamesRadar UK Podcast is quite simply anarchic genius. All the regular hosts are funny, interesting and simply awesome. I always laugh at this, Cundy is a personal hero of mine, top bloke.

The other major video game podcast I listen to, well, it isn’t really about video games at all. Podtoid is a 2 hour glimpse into the mind of games industry hate figure Jim Sterling, as he talks a load of rubbish with his colleges Jonathan Holmes, and others. I can’t really explain what this podcast is about, but expect Willem Defoe movie pitches, Jim’s ideas for crazy schemes that Jonathan Holmes can get involved in, (past adventures have included grave robbery, a one man zoo, and a pirate adventure cove with a rotting corpse). Not for the easily offended, but this is genius, very different, but comfortably similar, every week is a sonic adventure to the dark reaches of the human mind, in a funny way, check it out here.


When TalkRadar died, the regular crew went out on their own and created Lasertime. Lasertime is a podcast obsessed with nostalgia. Great topics such as WWE, 80’s adverts, movies, food and drink mascots, TV shows, they cover something for everyone, always funny, always interesting, well worth a listen. An offshoot of Lasertime is Cape Crisis, a podcast dedicated to comics and comic related subjects. One again, I can’t talk highly enough about this one, and these guys are partly responsible for my comic obsession. The same guys do Lasertime, so if you like that, you are sure to like this too.

The Geek Box and Comic Conspiracy are both podcasts that are produced by the same people, slightly different casts. The Geek Box discusses all things of a geek nature, usually things in the news, Comic Conspiracy is obviously a comic based podcast, and deals with all the news of a comic bent. Check them out here.


King of Edinburgh, Richard Herring is always doing something podcast wise. He is one of my favourite comedians and is always worth a listen. Currently he is in Edinburgh and doing his daily podcasts from there, as he interviews fellow comedians. Another comedy podcast is The Comedy Button, from some of the same people who bring you The Geek Box. This is always funny, with stories from the cast and genuine tomfoolery.


A new one for me, RodPod is Rowdy Roddy Pipers podcast. Expect old school wrestling stories, with no holds barred. Some of the things I have heard on this have shocked and amused me greatly, Piper has met a whole lot of people and lived a life few others could even imagine. Amazing.

Mysterious Universe is a great podcast all about the weird and the strange. From Bigfoot, aliens, ghosts and every other strange thing you could imagine, this is a wry look at the world of science, science fiction and the paranormal. Always interesting.

Good Job Brain is a podcast from the people who brought you The Geek Box etc. Basically QI on the radio, Good Job Brain is a quiz/general knowledge podcast that takes different subjects every week. Very interesting and funny. It is thanks to this that I know what the juice from a Beaver’s anus is used for in food stuffs!!

That’s enough for the time being I think. Hope you like some of these suggestions. Catch you soon.

All Geek To Me’s Geek Olympics: Final Round

By @hmsbeefnuts

Hello Geek Sport’s fans, and welcome to another, slightly delayed, post covering the greatest Geek Character’s competing in a series of events, loosely based on Olympic sports. You can read the first article here, and the second here. So without further a do, here we go…


Thor, The Hammer Bros. Timmy Mallet, Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine, M.C. Hammer.

Now this event has been seriously mis-booked by the Geek Olympics’ organisers, oh, that would be me, never mind then, on with the fun. The Hammer Throw is a simple enough event, pick up the hammer, and throw it as far as you can. Beloved 80’s TV Children’s entertainer Timmy Mallet steps up to the plate, struggles to pick up the hammer, twists around, and flings it wildly, behind him. He scores a mighty throw of -2m. Oh dear. Next up The Hammer Bros from Super Mario Bros step to the plate, pick up the hammer and proceed to throw it in a high arc, straight up, and straight down, but being turtle things, perhaps they don’t fully understand the rules. They score 4m, an improvement, but not much of one.

Next up, Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine, who despite his name, has never actually thrown a Hammer. He has put people in figure four leg locks though, and he proceeds to drag M.C. Hammer, proving that you can indeed ‘touch this’, in the middle of the stadium and tries to apply the submission move. Unfortunately for ‘The Hammer’, M.C. Hammer is too legit. Too legit to quit, and as he is wearing frankly ridiculous parachute pants, the figure four is ineffective, M.C. Hammer breaks free and runs off. Greg is shamed and arrested by Green Lantern Security. That leaves Thor. He has brought his own Hammer, which he throws, and it keep going and going and going. Unfortunately, it comes back to his hand. Thor scores 0m. Gold Medal goes to The Hammer Bros. with a mighty 4m.


Flash, Quicksilver, Sonic, Superman.

Everyone seems to love the 100m and stuff like that. Personally I can’t see it. 9.65 secs and it’s all over. So this race will be from the starting point in our Geek Olympic Stadium here in Cardiff, all the way around the world, and back to the stadium. The contestants line up, eagerly awaiting the starter pistol. BOOM! The shot is fired and everyone is off. 9.65 secs later Flash crosses the finish line. Oh. Gold Medal Flash.


Katniss Everdean, Merida, Robin Hood, The Green Arrow, Hawkeye.

You all know the classic way archery contests are held, same deal here, everyone lines up, and its the person who hits the bullseye most wins. Simple really. Hawkeye goes first, he lines up an arrow, steadies himself and fires. The arrow hits the target, and explodes, destroying the next persons target too. The Green Arrow is pissed. He takes out his arrow, lines up and fires one straight at Hawkeye. Luckily its a boxing glove arrow, it knocks Hawkeye out cold, but with no target to hit, Arrow is shit out of luck.

Robin Hood is fully in flirting mode with both Katniss and Merida, which is frankly, well, a bit dodgy, are they even of age yet? Anyway, so entranced is he with both maidens, he fires wild and misses his target. The fact that he is a cartoon fox didn’t really help matters to be honest either. But there we are. It seems Gold is going to the fairer sex today. Katniss and Merida take turns in firing arrows, both hitting bullseye after bullseye. The deadlock is broken however, when Merida suggest they try to see who is the best an horse archery. She is. And she wins. Katniss is forced to go home empty handed, home to her weird Lady Gaga inspired Capitol City. Gold goes to Merida.


Hulk, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Thing, Jason Statham, Bruce Lee, Rocky, Mr. T, Rowdy Roddy Pipper, Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Andre The Giant, The Rock, Wolverine, Deadpool, Chewbacca, Hagrid, Legolas, Batman, Jon Matrix, Ivan Drago, Indiana Jones, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Wolfman, Bigfoot, Conan, Khal Drogo, A Predator, An Alien and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

This event is basically just a Royal Rumble Event to see who is the hardest Mofo in the universe. I’m not even going to attempt to try an describe the chaos that went down in this event. All super powers, all weapons are allowed, no rules apart from, when you get thrown over the ropes, your out, or if you die in the ring, your out. Simple right. All participants start in the, frankly, massive ring. This goes on for hours, and what initially seemed like a brilliant idea, has become a nightmare. Hours pass, and finally two contestants are left, Jason Statham and Batman. Clearly the two hardest people in the known universe, and the best two at beating the shit out of people.

There can only be one winner though. Both have never been beaten, but Batman is just slightly better, sorry Jason. Batman smashes his opponents face through the mat, and throws him over the ropes, simple, but effective. Gold Medal, and award for best person at fighting ever, Batman. Was there ever any doubt?

With that, our All Geek To Me’s Geek Olympics comes to an end. Thanks for reading. Catch you soon.

All Geek To Me’s Geek Olympics: Fencing

By @hmsbeefnuts

I don’t know about you, but for months, if not years, I have been fed up with all this Olympic nonsense. I get it, it’s cool that the lesser sports get a great big competition to see who is the best, but by Zeus, I find it incredibly boring. There are some bright spots though. Fencing, wrestling, boxing, javelin etc. are all cool events, it’s just that all the stupid rules get in the way of me having a good time. It was then with a slightly mischievous glint in my rolling eyes, that I decided to pick a few choice Olympic sports and hold a Geek Character Olympic games, a far more interesting prospect than the real boring ones that are currently on going. All characters and real people are eligible to enter the Geek Olympics, and a few interesting (hopefully) events will take place. Oh and there can be only one, so no silver, no bronze, just gold, the Geek Olympics have no place for losers.


I have organised this celebration of awesome physical feats, and as such, I get to pick the acts for the opening ceremony. So here goes. We start things off nice and folksy with a performance by Flight of the Conchords, as everyone has a gentle introduction to the madness that is to come. A few toe tapping songs later, and our next act comes to the stage, The Lonely Island. The boys, joined by Mr Timberlake rock the stadium as a Human Torch relay is taking place. Johnny Storm is carried around the stadium by all the participants. Finally, as The Lonely Island’s set comes to an end, The Hulk carries the Human Torch up the steps of a gigantic platform and throws him at the Geek Olympic symbol, setting it on fire. We are almost ready. Just time for our last and best act, Tenacious D rock the crowds socks off with a storming set as some dragons do a fly by and a firework display, provided courtesy of V and Gandalf lights up the sky. With the ceremony over, it is time for our first events.


Our contenders for the fencing gold medal are, Robin Hood (Errol Flynn Version), Inigo Montoya, Count Dooku, Syrio Forel, Ezio Auditore, Captain Jack Sparrow, Colin McCloud and Zorro. McCloud faces Montoya in heat 1. There can be only one, but Montoya knows something McCloud doesn’t, Inigo isn’t left handed, Montoya goes through easily with a killing swipe that takes the Highlanders head. Heat 2 Cpt. Jack faces up to the dancing teacher himself, Syrio Forel. Both unique individuals, this heat goes on for a while, with Jack’s unusual ‘drunken’ style making a fool out of the former First Sword of Braavos. Back and for the match goes, until Jack is distracted by the glint of the Gold medal, displayed near the arena, Forel, lunges, Jack falls, and Forel is through to the next round.

Robin Hood and the devious Count Dooku face each other next, Dooku is forced to use a formal sword, no lightsabres here. Unused to the extra weight, and due to the fact he is old as shit, Robin Hood easily overcomes him, a cut to the hand makes Dooku drop his sword, and with a slap of the tights, Robin of Loxley is through to the next round. Heat 4 has Ezio Auditore, master Assassin, and Zorro cross rapiers. But before the match can start, Ezio goes to shake hands, as Zorro reaches out, Ezio unleashes his hidden blade, one swift jump kill later, and Zorro is no more. On to the Semi- Finals!!!

Inigo Montoya draws Ezio Auditore, and after what happened to Zorro, Montoya is taking no chances. The match starts and Inigo begins his first attack, Ezio is dodging, trying to get away, but Inigo is able to keep up. Steel clashes on steel, and minutes pass without a break in the deadlock. But then Inigo has a thought; ‘You wouldn’t happen to have 6 fingers on your right hand?’, Inigo asks Ezio, confused by the question, Ezio drops his guard, only for Inigo to stab the Italian Assassin to death. Inigo through to the final. That leaves Syrio Forel and Robin Hood, in semi-final 2. Robin is having a great time, laughing and joking with the crowd, and laughing at Syrio and his dancing style. Not being taken seriously annoys the Braavosi and he flings himself at Hood. All of a sudden silver flashes and metallic clashes ring out with renewed fury. Syrio over stretches, Robin slaps Syrio’s arse with his sword, a fatal mistake, Syrio launches his sword behind him, straight into the laughing face of Hood. Lesson? Always take sword fights seriously!!

OK its time for the first final, the big one, the Gold Medal contest between Syrio Forel and Inigo Montoya. The final takes place in a ruined castle, stair cases, rocks and chandeliers. Its going to be good. Both men are pretty evenly matched, masters of many different styles. Both men walk to the centre, salute each other with their swords and then… en guarde!!! A flurry of sword strikes is almost blindingly hard to see. The crowd is on edge as the fight goes back and forth, up stairs, down stairs, swinging on the chandeliers and the exact cutting of conveniently placed candles. It seems the Braavosi and the Spaniard are an even match, even the left handed/right handed trick doesn’t work, both men have studied there fencing well. For four hours both men put on a show that puts all other contests to shame. However, it all comes down to conditioning, and Inigo is a younger man than the retired First Sword of Braavos, a trip over a lose step, put Forel on his front, defenceless. Inigo draws his sword to the throat of the downed man. But something stops him from striking; ‘I would sooner destroy a work of art than a master like yourself, yield to me.’ Syrio agrees, the Inigo helps Syrio up, and the two men hug it out. Winner Inigo Montoya.

That’s it for this time, there will be more events coming, and hopefully you will stick around to see what happens? Until next time…

Summer Kights: Awesome Batman Merchandise

By Geeky Gem

As for one month only I am being allowed to talk about Batman again, I thought I would talk to you about some of the awesome Batman merchandise out there for fans of the Bat  to get their hands on. Here I will look at just a few must have items, that need to be in every Bat fan’s collection. I should know, I have them or have had them, or have had the pleasure of dreaming about them.

Batman T-Shirt

Personally I think this is a must have for many Bat fan’s. There are loads of different Batman t-shirt’s out there and if you have any you are awesome. However you cant go wrong with classic Bat Symbol t-shirt. Its simple and I love it.

Bat-Mobile Toy

Toys, who doesn’t like a good  toy. There are so many Bat toys out there its hard to pick just one and of course there are different versions of the Bat-Mobile as well. I picked this from The Dark Knight movie as it came with the bike. Its every thing you want from a good toy.

Batman Mug

Kirkie Chick bought me this Mug for Christmas last year and I love it. I use it all the time, I can often be seen in the Geek Cave with this mug full to the brim with coffee or other drinks. Its an epic mug.

Batman:The Animated Series DVD Box Set

If you have ever read anything I have written about cartoons or Batman, then you know I love this cartoon. This fantastic looking box set is epic. It would take pride of place in any Bat fan’s DVD collection.

Batman Arkham Asylum

If you are a regular to this site, then you may or may not know that all of us here At All Geek have played this frankly amazing game. If you are a fan of Batman and haven’t played this game then you need to beg, borrow or steal it and play it now. Actually don’t steal it that illegal and Batman would not be happy.

There we are just a little taste of just some of the amazing Batman stuff out there to get your geeky mitts on. I know I am looking to add more all the time, there is just so much Bat stuff about its awesome. Enjoy!

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