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All Inked Up.

By Caelrona


Hiya all! Caelrona here, yet again! This time I’m going to give you all a break from the anime, and talk to you about something else I am rather passionate about… tattoos! Yes, it’s true! I, Caelrona, am addicted to ink. Not just any ink, however, but geeky ink! My passion is not limited to just looking at the amazing, awe-inspiring ink that brave souls get and share on the internet (serious, go have a gawk! Freakin’ awesome stuff,) but getting my own geekink. I have several tattoos myself and like the millions of other ink’d geeks across the world, I use my tattoos to show my geeky passions for the things I nerdgasm over.

That’s right my fellow geeks, geeky ink is on the rise! Anything and everything from Video Game references (Triforce, anyone?) to chemical compositions and beyond have been permanently inked into our fellow geeks tender hides. Honestly, I don’t understand why geeks didn’t get in on the tattoo bandwagon way earlier in the game. I understand that traditionally tattoos were reserved for rebels (or idiots) but really, who is more rebellious than a geek? Seriously, we kick ass at not sticking to tradition; in fact it’s kinda why we’re geeks. We ask questions and poke and prod things that normal people stay away from. Besides, we already proclaim our geekiness in every other way; permanent reminders of our most beloved geeky things? Yes, yes please! I’ll line up for some of that, please and thank you!

The ideas for geeky and nerdy tattoos are about as boundless as the many amazing things we geek out over. Geeky video game tattoos? They’ve been done hundreds of times, maybe even thousands. (I mean, really, even I have one ;P ) Geeky book/movie tattoos? Also done! Knitting, computer, science, memes… you name it and someone is passionately geeky enough about it to have gotten a tattoo done about it.


Getting a tattoo is a deeply personal experience; and by that I mean that it is different for everyone. Some people dither forever on their tattoos, designing the ink themselves, or having them drawn out specially; and others just look at something and decide ‘I have to have a tattoo of that!’ Every single person is different, and when it comes to tattoos this is especially true. Some tattoos hurt more than others (but yes, before you ask, it DID hurt) and some even tickle (No joke, they can tickle!) Some tattoos are seriously personal reminders, some are whims made permanent; but they are all works of art that are special to someone.

So, my fellow geeks, are you now thinking of getting your own geek ink? Or perhaps, like me, you’re now itching to get some more? My advice to you, is to do what you want! (Also, Pics or it didn’t happen!) Part of being a geek is being true to yourself, so if you want to get that ‘Arrow to the Knee’ tattoo, then go for it! If you want a meme tattoo; well, it is your body so you go ahead and get that rage comic tattoo on your bicep. Tattoos are an exciting new area of geekdom, just waiting there for you to explore it if you’re interested. As for me, I think I’m going to be adding to my collection of geek-ink very soon…

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