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UK Weekly Top 10 Movies!

Week ending 17th February 2013

By Kirkiechick


Hello there! Welcome back to the chart for this week. The children’s current favourite film Wreck- It Ralph got toppled by one of the big Valentine’s films, A Good Day to Die Hard. The fifth instalment for the Die Hard films brings into the mix the wayward son of Jon McClane. Let us see the rest of the chart for this week.

 Good Day To Die Hard 5 film 2013 movie poster large

1. A Good Day to Die Hard, £4,551,116 (New)

2. Wreck-It Ralph, £3,436,400: Total: £10,516,665

3. This Is 40, £1,229,352 (New)

4. Les Misérables, £1,126,168: Total: £35,968,027

5. Beautiful Creatures, £1,109,167 (New)

6. I Give It a Year, £1,014,707: Total: £3,685,804

7. Django Unchained, £685,389: Total: £13,707,266

8. Sammy’s Great Escape, £519,049 (New)

9. Lincoln, £483,397: Total: £6,964,023

10. Flight, £472,983: Total: £4,181,690


At number 2 we have Wreck-It Ralph appealing to the adults and children. It does look like a fun family film. This is 40 is at number 3. Touted as the sort of sequel to Knocked Up. This film tells the story of two of the characters first seen in Knocked Up. They have reached the age of 40 and life is full of children and trying to grab me time away from the spouse! The film was released for Valentine’s Day, which meant many couples went to see this! At number 4 we have Les Miserables still bringing the audiences in. I suggest you catch the film before it leaves the cinema. We have a new entry at number 5, Beautiful Creatures. It is the season of the witch. Some critics have touted this as the next Twilight series. Fans of the Beautiful Creatures book series would deny this! The film tells the story of a girl approaching sixteen who is a Witch. She will be chosen for the light or the dark. She has fallen in love with a boy and this impending doom endangers them. At number 6 we have I Give It a Year, a British comedy about marriage. Number 7 we have Django Unchained still pulling in the audiences. A brilliant film from Tarantino. Number 8 is a new entry with Sammy’s Great Escape, a children’s film about the story of two turtles setting out on a journey to rescue their Grandparent turtles from a zoo. Lincoln is at number 9. The film does look like an amazing historical tale of President Lincoln. At number 10 we have Flight, an emotional charged film about the amazing feat of one man which is shadowed by his personal demons.

I hope there is something for everyone in this chart this week. That is your top ten films for this week. Until next time happy cinema viewing!


(Source: The Guardian Online)

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