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UK Weekly Top 10 Movies!

Week ending 17th March 2013

By Kirkiechick


Hello and welcome to this week’s chart! The number 1 has stayed the same, Oz the Great and Powerful. I went to see this last week. I really enjoyed it in IMAX 3D. The visuals are amazing and the 3D is worth it. I highly recommend watching in 3D. Let us see the rest of the chart.



1. Oz the Great and Powerful, £2,609,465: Total: £7,683,699

2. Side Effects, £759,363: Total: £2,277,861

3. Welcome to the Punch, £460,250 (New)

4. Wreck-It Ralph, £426,343: Total: £21,995,949

5. Parker, £308,335: Total: £1,229,889

6. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, £305,936 (New)

7. Mama, £266,521: Total: £5,054,683

8. Red Dawn, £255,448 (New)

9. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, £221,452: Total: £3,178,317

10. The Guilt Trip, £157,016: Total: £814,530


At number 2 we have Side Effects. This film is an interesting thriller. I do recommend the film as a good psychological drama. A number 3 is a new entry with Welcome to the Punch. A British cop drama produced by Ridley Scott. The cast consists of a “who is who” of British television actors and a couple of big star British actors, James McAvoy and Mark Strong. I went to see this film and it did feel like a BBC cop drama. It is still a good film just very British with some stylised American camera shots. Wreck-It Ralph is at number 4, still bringing the families in to watch and probably a few adults too! At number 5 is Parker. A Jason Statham film. So think action and punch ups! Number 6 is a new entry with The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. From the trailer this looked really funny with Jim Carrey, Steve Carell and Alan Arkin. The story is the rivalry between two magicians who have been on the circuit for a long time and the threat of the new breed of magician. At number 7 is Mama. The film is very jumpy. It is worth a watch. Red Dawn is at number 8. A remake of an invasion film from the 1980s. This version stars Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games). This time around instead of Soviet soldiers invading it is North Korean ones. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is still in the chart at number 9. A good action film. At number 10 is The Guilt Trip. It is a funny comedy and probably sons would recognise and embarrassing Mum is fusses over their sons!

I hope there is something for everyone in this chart this week. That is your top ten films for this week. Until next time happy cinema viewing!


(Source: The Guardian Online)

UK Weekly Top 10 Moives!

Week ending 10th March 2013

By Kirkiechick


Hello there! Welcome to the chart for this week! We have a new number 1 this week. It is Oz the Great and Powerful, classed as a prequel to the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. This new film tells the story of how a magician ends up in the World of Oz and has to defeat the Wicked Witch. This film looks amazing visually. I am so looking forward to this film! Let us see how the rest of the film chart has done this week.



1. Oz the Great and Powerful, £3,712,948  (New)

2. Side Effects, £904,746 (New)

3. Wreck-It Ralph, £744,683: Total: £21,459,657

4. Parker, £568,777 (New)

5. Mama, £525,672: Total: £4,530,295

6. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, £507,759: Total: £2,651,393

7. The Guilt Trip, £432,068 (New)

8. Safe Haven, £407,293: Total: £1,689,566

9. A Good Day to Die Hard, £342,415: Total: £10,401,957

10. Les Misérables, £293,893: Total: £39,552,600


At number 2 we have a new entry with the film Side Effects. The director Steven Soderbergh has said this film is his swansong. It is the story of a woman whose husband has come out of prison but unfortunately she starts to feel anxious and can’t sleep at night. She goes to a doctor and therapist after an incident involving her car and a brick wall. She tries several drugs and after trying a new one, a tragic event happens. Is it because of the side effects of the drug? I went to see this film. I really I enjoyed it. It is many different types of a film, a thriller, drama or the story of drug exploitation by the medical profession. At number 3 is Wreck-It Ralph, still riding high in the chart. It is a good film and I thoroughly recommend for adults and children alike! At number 4 is a new entry with the film Parker. It is a Jason Statham film. The premise is a thief has been double crossed in the past and believed dead. He comes back with a new identity to seek revenge from his old crew and to steal their latest loot. At number 5 we have Mama. It is a jumpy film. I recommend because you think it is a scary film but it will lead you down a different path. You can see that Del Toro, the director of Pans Labyrinth has had an influence over this film. At number 6 we have Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. This looks like an easy watch, lots of action and eye candy. Number 7 is a new entry with The Guilt Trip. A mother and son road trip with Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen. I went to see this film and I found it sweet and funny in places. At number 8 is Safe Haven, a film for those romantics that believe love will save the day. At number 9 is A Good Day to Die Hard, the action film with Bruce Willis still bringing in the audiences. At number 10 is Les Miserables is still holding in the chart. People are trying to catch this film while it is still in cinemas.

I hope there is something for everyone in this chart this week. That is your top ten films for this week. Until next time happy cinema viewing!


(Source: The Guardian Online)

Wednesday Whimsy

Wednesday Whimsy  By: Caelrona

Hiya all! It’s Wednesday again, and I’ve paused my video games to bring you another blog. This week I went to the movie theaters to see Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters with a couple friends of mine. This movie didn’t make it on to my list of 2013 movies from my last blog post because… well, I’m not really sure. It didn’t come up on any of the big lists for expected blockbusters when I was looking up movies for this year, and (maybe because I don’t watch much TV..) I haven’t seen too much in the way of promotion for it. My friends mentioned it to me, and so despite not making it on to my list (and it totally would have done!) I did actually go to a theater and see this one. Furthermore; I liked it. It was just my type of movie; plenty of violence and a bit of gore with enough humor and seriousness to keep it interesting.


Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters was just released here in America on January 25th. Unfortunately, it won’t be getting released until February or even March in other parts of the world, so I will try my best not to ruin it for those of you who won’t be able to see it immediately. So, in case it wasn’t obvious, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters is based on the classic children’s tale of Hansel and Gretel; two little children happen upon a house made of candy in a forest and get captured by the witch living in it. They end up killing her in a desperate struggle to save themselves from being eaten by her. This movie expands on the children’s tale, showing how Hansel and Gretel continued their lives after that incident and turned their gruesome beginning into a unique lifestyle and career.


This movie does a very good job of bringing that original tale to life for adults, as well as adding to it in a clever way. Jeremy Renner (AKA Hawkeye in the Avengers) plays a very no-nonsense, slightly socially-inept and ass-kicking Hansel, while Gemma Arterton (Princess Tamina from the Prince of Persia movie) plays his equally kick-ass, no-nonsense sister Gretel. Both actors are excellent, and their characters feel very believable and real as people. Playing opposite them as their foe is Famke Jansen (Jean Grey from the X-men movies) who delivers an excellent performance as an evil Grand Witch. Apparently she enjoys playing especially powerful female leads, which is nice, because she certainly is good at them.


If you get the chance, I would highly recommend you go and see this in the theaters. I enjoyed it immensely, and I cannot wait until a DVD release so I can have my own copy, because this movie was right up my alley. If you enjoyed movies like Van Helsing, The Prince of Persia, or The Scorpion King then this will definitely be something you’d enjoy. It has that same feel to it as those movies do, although I’m not entirely sure what you’d call that, exactly. Anyway, I will leave you with that!

Until next time,

Caelrona – signing off! ❤

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