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My Geeky Trivia

By Geeky Gem

As we all know, I love a good action movie. There is nothing I like more than watching a movie with very little story line and lots of things tha blow up. I recently watched The Expendables and I must admit I loved it, it had exactly what I wanted. All my favourite action stars and the right amount of stuff blowing up. So here is some trivia on the movie.

 Jean-Claude Van Damme was offered a role, but he turned it down claiming that there was no substance in the character. Rumor has it that Dolph Lundgren replaced him but actually the part of Scandinavian Gunnar Jensen was written by Sylvester Stallone with Lundgren in mind.

Ben Kingsley, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino were considered for the role of Munroe.

Originally , Jet Li’s character’s name was listed as Kong Kao.

Steven Seagal was asked to play a cameo but turned it down due to negative connections with producer Avi Lerner.

Dolph Lundgren described the film as “an old-school, kick-ass action movie where people are fighting with knives and shooting at each other.”

The role of Mr. Church, the man who hires the Expendables, was very difficult to cast. It was initially offered to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who declined in favor of a smaller cameo due to his political career. The role was then offered to Kurt Russell, who declined as he was not interested in “ensemble acting at the moment.” Sylvester Stallone spent several months after principal photography determined to find a big action name for the part. The role was finally taken by Stallone’s friend and fellow former “Planet Hollywood” co-owner Bruce Willis, who was busy filming Cop Out at the time.

The initial budget for the film was $60 million but increased to $70-$80 million.

On October 24th, 2009, Sylvester Stallone was joined on-screen for the first time ever, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. The scene, which took six hours to film, sets up the plot of the film.

This is the third film that Jason Statham and Jet Li have starred in together. They previously starred in The One and War.

The silver badge on General Garza’s right breast is actually a United States Army Combat Action Badge. It is awarded to non-infantry soldiers who have actually engaged an enemy force in combat, and worn on the left breast. Since it would be nearly impossible for a foreign general to earn a CAB legitimately, the costume department most likely simply picked out a random military badge.

There we have it for another week, I hope you keep coming back to see what other delights I have for you.

Wednesday Whimsy

By @hmsbeefnuts

Hello, and welcome to another Wednesday blog. I was going to write a sum up of my thoughts on WWE this week, but I haven’t had chance yet to watch SummerSlam so I thought I’d leave it to a later date. I’m still being very busy doing work type stuff, and haven’t really had much time for geeky pursuits. Even on my ‘holiday’ I had work to do setting up a new project, but I did manage to see 3 films last week. I have already written about Brave and The Bourne sequel, so all I have left to tell you guys about is the fantastic The Expendables 2.

Now I remember liking the first Expendables, but thinking it could have been so much more. The cast was fine, the story was poor. I tried to watch it again the night before I was going to see the sequel, and I just couldn’t make it through the whole film. However, it didn’t put me off seeing the sequel, I have wanted to see it ever since I saw the trailer, Jason Statham’s line; ‘I know pronounce you man and knife’, it tickled me. I knew this film was going to cut a line between amazing action and 80’s action film parody. I was not disappointed.

The plot is per functionary, but at least I was interested in it this time. The whole cast returns, including expanded turns from Arnie and Bruce Willis. This time the team are joined by Thor’s little brother, Liam Hemmesworth, and Chuck Norris makes a few random appearances, appearing as if from nowhere, to save the day. Logic isn’t high on this films list, but it doesn’t matter, it a whole hell of a lot of fun. Bad guy duties this time are filled by JCVD, and what a prick he is, the final throw down is excellent. All the guys get to sprout referencing lines of dialogue including ‘I’ll be back!’, and ‘Yippee kai yay’. Strangely, and I think this is Chuck Norris’s doing, there is very little swearing, even though men’s heads are popping into a bloody pulp right left and centre, and bodies are torn apart by bullets. I guess Chuck thinks that acceptable, but don’t say fuck!!

I really liked this film. It was a thrill ride from start to finish and if your a fan of 80’s action films, you will love The Expendables 2, a vast improvement on the first film.

Now I thought that I would end this weeks article by showcasing some trailers and videos that I have found entertaining over the past week. First up, I am a huge fan of Jerry Seinfeld and especially Larry David, so what better thing to watch than Jerry talking to Larry of coffee? Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is Seinfeld’s new project, where he drives around his comedy friends and takes them to get coffee, and they shoot the shit about stuff. The Larry David one is my favourite, but they are all worthwhile watching, check them out here.

I’m not a huge fan of British drama shows, I think America, and HBO in particular, do these kind of things better, but The BBC’s new show, Ripper Street looks very interesting indeed. Set 6 months after the Mary Kelly killing, Ripper Street follows the police of Whitechapel in the aftermath of the Ripper slayings. Check out the very short trailer below.

I don’t know if you guys watch Man Vs Food, but Geeky Gem and I are obsessed by it. Adam Richmond is genius, but the internet does things a little differently. I have been watching Epic Meal Time since they began, and I never miss a week. They make dreams come true, and then they eat them, or so says the banner. These guys love booze, bacon, meat, bacon and more bacon. Check them out here. One of my favourite episodes is below.

The world of Video Games is always an interesting thing to dip in to, and there are few more interesting opinions than Jim Sterling. Here, working for The Escapist, Jim gives us the skinny on what he feels is wrong with the games industry. The Jimquisition is always interesting, even if I don’t always agree with Jim’s point of view. Check them out here.

Well that’s it, another Wednesday comes to a close. Catch you again next week.

Mulling Over May

By @hmsbeefnuts

I really can’t believe that May is over, where is the time going? Anyway, in our May preview, I was not very enthused by the quality of films that were set to be released this month, however, in fact, May didn’t really turn out so bad, at least when it comes to the films I saw. Lets delve deeper shall we?


Probably my favourite film this month. All out action with Jason Statham, what more could anyone ask for. Stath plays a super cop turned trash man, who falls foul of old friends, the Chinese Mob and the Russians. He manages to play all three factions off against each other trying to protect a little girl with a photographic memory, who has memorised some very important numbers. Stath almost manages to pull of a New York accent, but that isn’t really what you came to watch the film for. It may not bean acting master-class, but it kicks a hell of a lot of ass. If you ever kill Stath’s wife in a film, better run far, far away, can I suggest perhaps The Moon? Because he will find you, and you will wish he didn’t. A great action film starring the current King of action cinema. How long before Stath and The Rock team up?


I was kind of looking forward to this film. The trailer looked interesting, Johnny Depp is always quality and Eva Green looks fantastic. Oh boy. I was very disappointed. Tim Burton seems like he didn’t quite know what to do here, moments of comedy are bookended with moments of misplaced horror, perpetrated by Depp’s Barnabus Collins, the person we are supposed to be cheering for. It felt a little uneven and a little lifeless. It was very melodramatic, well it is based on a soap opera, and characters were not given enough room to breathe and grow. Relationships felt forced and things seemingly just happened for no particular reason. Depp was good, Eva Green was sexy, the film was not very good.


Mel Gibson. Sexist, racist and mad. I do not like Mr. Gibson. However, Mel the man and the characters he plays I suppose are different, and despite myself, I did very much enjoy Mel going mad in a Mexican Prison. The action was good, especially good use of two grenades, and the plot was nice too. It wasn’t quite as enjoyable as Safe, but it defiantly had it’s moments. If you can stand Mel Gibson, I would defiantly recommend it.


I loved Piranha 3D. I thought it was perfect popcorn entertainment. Ridiculous plot, sexy girls, great cameos and plenty of death and destruction. I was looking forward to the sequel, although, it didn’t look quite so good, but then it was bound to still be fun in a cheesy B-movie way, and if everything else went wrong, we still have boobs to look forward too. Well, the film wasn’t very good. There was no point in it being in 3D, the plot was worse, the acting worse overall, the film was worse. However, I still enjoyed it, but wouldn’t recommend it to most people. A certain character’s return to the franchise however was very amusing, and who can turn down gun legs? The cameos were also a lot of fun. Check it out if you like that sort of film, but beware, I am in no way saying this film is any good.


I found myself laughing despite my misgivings, at the trailers for this film. It is broad and silly, but you know what? I laughed all the way through. If your a fan of Baron Cohen’s usual brand of humour, there is a lot to like here. It’s not as good as Bruno or Borat, but it seems that Cohen is adept at more scripted comedy as well as his usual improvised shtick. I went with two friends, we all laughed all the way through, and if I’m not mistaken, that is all a comedy is supposed to provide. Job done.


The big film in May, and the one I was expecting nothing from. I didn’t like MIB 2, I’m not a huge fan of Will Smith any more to be honest. I was expecting nothing, I was wrong. There was a lot of fun to be had in MIB 3. Will Smith was likeable, Tommy Lee Jones was grumpy and Josh Brolin did an awesome impression of Jones. Bad guy duties were excellently performed by Jermaine Clement, and I loved the time travel plot. It made me want to see more MIB adventures, but perhaps Smith and Jones have gona as far as they should. Set future instalments in the 60’s, have Brolin and another partner investigate the scum of the universe and I’m down to rock and roll. MIB 3 was a whole lot of fun, perfect blockbuster entertainment for a bright sunny Sunday morning. Even a little heartfelt at the end. My second favourite film this month. I was not expecting to type that.

So there we are. I saw a fair few films this month. I did have plans to watch American Pie: Reunion and The Raid, but it just didn’t transpire this month, perhaps I’ll catch them at a later date. So much for May, June promises an even more exciting time at the movies.

Movie of the Month: May

By @hmsbeefnuts and Geeky Gem

Tale as Old as Time, Song as Old as Rhyme, Movie of the Month…..for May. Full Marks if you sang the opening sentence, obviously to the tune of Beauty and the Beast from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. It is a strange time here at All Geek To Me’s enchanted castle in the woods. Spring has sprung and Disney’s Avengers has left me in a very happy mood. Of course, with The Avengers having only come out a few short days ago, and still to come out in many countries world wide, you should probably just go and see The Avengers, if you will only watch one film a month. However, May is the proper start of the Blockbuster Season, at least it should be, but apparently, someone forgot to tell Hollywood.


May 13th is my Birthday. I enjoy nothing more than having a day at the cinema in order to celebrate this. This year, well, I guess I’m going to have to see films I’ve already seen, because quite frankly, May releases suck balls this year. Men In Black 3, The Dictator, American Pie Reunion, Safe and the best of a shitty bunch Dark Shadows. Safe actually looks quite good. I love a bit of Stath, who doesn’t? But everything else, apart from Eva Green, umm sorry Dark Shadows, jeez, what a shitty month.


I have very little interest in anything Will Smith does any more, and Men In Black just looks… OK I guess? I just have no interest in seeing it. The Dictator. The trailer looks OK, it made me chuckle a few times, but that probably means the rest of the film won’t, but we shall see.  American Pie will have to work very hard to be funnier than Wanderlust and 21 Jump Street, but you never know, it can’t be any worse than the straight to DVD sequels, can it?


Dark Shadows…hmm. Really wasn’t too sure what to make of this, I’m not a huge fan of Tim Burton, but he seems to be in his element here, and Johnny Depp looks like he’s having fun as a vampire and the whole thing looks like fun. Oh and Eva Green, jumpin’ Jack Flash that dress is impressive, I shall not lie to you dear readers, Eva Green is sexy as all hell, and I will be going to watch this film for that dress alone. I’m not proud of the fact, but I am honest, possibly to my detriment. But to those who would call me a pervert, I would say to you, she knows what she’s doing, and so does Burton and the production team, that dress was purposefully used to draw men to see this film, well mission accomplished.

Here is the trailer for Dark Shadows… Seriously Hollywood, you couldn’t have kept John Carter for May? Sorry for the less than positive vibe going on here, I just can’t summon the enthusiasm to be positive this month. Don’t they know it’s my Birthday?!?!? June will be better, please Crom make it so.



As normal this is the month where I get to pick the other movie I think you should at least think about seeing. Now I have had a good look at this months movies and I must say I found it hard to find something I thought I might like to go see apart from Hmsbeefnuts choice.

 I looked again, I thought about Men in Black 3 but part of me says it might not be as good as I hope. I also looked at the re-release of a lovely Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. I even thought about telling you go and see [Rec] Genesis as I like a good horror film, but none of these sparked my interest past the trailer, so I have gone with a comedy, that brings back a host of character’s that have not been together for some time.

 I am of course talking about American Pie: Reunion, now I loved these movies when they first came out and I have to admit I skipped the straight to DVD’s ones as they just didn’t do anything for me. So when I heard that they were not only making this one but the whole cast was coming back I was very happy. It looks like it will take the laughs we had to a whole new level. I cant wait, the trailer which I have added below for you is funny and I just hope it lives up to my dreams.

 Here for you viewing pleasure as always is the trailer.



Geeky Gem

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