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Page vs Picture

By Geeky Gem

Welcome to the first page vs picture of 2013, this year I am going to try to not send ages going over one series of books. In fact this marks a new start of page vs picture. So shall we kick off with the book that will become a trilogy maybe even become 4 movies you know what Hollywood is like with books as of late, The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins.


 How I came by this book was a very strange one, I was channel hopping one day and came across an interview with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and he was talking about his latest movie at the time Journey 2. He was telling the presenter that he had kept in touch with his young co-stars and read out a text he had just sent Josh Hutcherson congratulating him on getting a part in The Hunger Games. It was from the fact that I like Josh Hutcherson that I had to find out what this book was all about. So I read the synopsis on the library website and ordered it to read.

The book arrived and I read it in a few days I was gripped, the book is the story of Katniss Everdean a young girl of District 12 part of Panem,  once a year  The Capitol, a highly advanced metropolis, shows it power and dominance over the districts by forcing them to take part in the Hunger Games, which is an event in which one boy and one girl aged 12–18 from each of the twelve districts surrounding the Capitol are selected by lottery to compete in a televised battle to the death.

The reason I liked this book was partly down to the fact that it had one foot in reality, many people watch reality television shows and this is what would happen if the extreme show wa made. Now the people of Panem are made to watch their children fight to the death or they themselves will be put to death. There are out of things in this book and indeed in the story that I see in other movie nd books. If you havent read and fancy a nice quick read then why not give it a go.  Now on to the movie.


The movie came out in 2012, and you may have read some blogs that I wrote about it last year if not you can find them here on the site. I couldn’t wait to see this movie and was so glad I got to see it the cinema. I think I saw it in IMAX which just makes everything better. Well in some cases it does. The director of the move was Gary Ross, and as some of you already know it starred Jeniffer Lawrence, Josh Huctherson, Liam Hemsworth and a whole host of other fantastic actor’s. This adaptation of the book was pretty close to mark and only missed out one of my favourite bits. But I wont tell you hat it is as if you havent seen the movie it gives a bit away.

Anyway the cast of this movie really bring to life and many of the key scenes are brilliant, gain as with many movie adaptation parts are missing but some you can see why they are cut out others you do wonder why they didn’t put it in. This is a really good movie and with Catching Fore due out later this year I for one cant wait to see ht happens to Katniss and Peter next, well of course I know ive read the books.

On to the question that I came here to answer is the book better than the movie, this one is really hard as I really liked both and the current score is Book – 4 and Movie – 3. So can movie pull it back to draw level at this point? No it can’t and this point goes to book again, come on movie pull your socks up. I have given the point to book on the basis that it just has some more of favourite parts in it. that makes the score Books – 5 Movie – 3.

Come back nd again and see wh ill win the next point in page vs picture epic battle.

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