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Wednesday Whimsy

By @hmsbeefnuts

Hello, and welcome to another Wednesday blog. I was going to write a sum up of my thoughts on WWE this week, but I haven’t had chance yet to watch SummerSlam so I thought I’d leave it to a later date. I’m still being very busy doing work type stuff, and haven’t really had much time for geeky pursuits. Even on my ‘holiday’ I had work to do setting up a new project, but I did manage to see 3 films last week. I have already written about Brave and The Bourne sequel, so all I have left to tell you guys about is the fantastic The Expendables 2.

Now I remember liking the first Expendables, but thinking it could have been so much more. The cast was fine, the story was poor. I tried to watch it again the night before I was going to see the sequel, and I just couldn’t make it through the whole film. However, it didn’t put me off seeing the sequel, I have wanted to see it ever since I saw the trailer, Jason Statham’s line; ‘I know pronounce you man and knife’, it tickled me. I knew this film was going to cut a line between amazing action and 80’s action film parody. I was not disappointed.

The plot is per functionary, but at least I was interested in it this time. The whole cast returns, including expanded turns from Arnie and Bruce Willis. This time the team are joined by Thor’s little brother, Liam Hemmesworth, and Chuck Norris makes a few random appearances, appearing as if from nowhere, to save the day. Logic isn’t high on this films list, but it doesn’t matter, it a whole hell of a lot of fun. Bad guy duties this time are filled by JCVD, and what a prick he is, the final throw down is excellent. All the guys get to sprout referencing lines of dialogue including ‘I’ll be back!’, and ‘Yippee kai yay’. Strangely, and I think this is Chuck Norris’s doing, there is very little swearing, even though men’s heads are popping into a bloody pulp right left and centre, and bodies are torn apart by bullets. I guess Chuck thinks that acceptable, but don’t say fuck!!

I really liked this film. It was a thrill ride from start to finish and if your a fan of 80’s action films, you will love The Expendables 2, a vast improvement on the first film.

Now I thought that I would end this weeks article by showcasing some trailers and videos that I have found entertaining over the past week. First up, I am a huge fan of Jerry Seinfeld and especially Larry David, so what better thing to watch than Jerry talking to Larry of coffee? Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is Seinfeld’s new project, where he drives around his comedy friends and takes them to get coffee, and they shoot the shit about stuff. The Larry David one is my favourite, but they are all worthwhile watching, check them out here.

I’m not a huge fan of British drama shows, I think America, and HBO in particular, do these kind of things better, but The BBC’s new show, Ripper Street looks very interesting indeed. Set 6 months after the Mary Kelly killing, Ripper Street follows the police of Whitechapel in the aftermath of the Ripper slayings. Check out the very short trailer below.

I don’t know if you guys watch Man Vs Food, but Geeky Gem and I are obsessed by it. Adam Richmond is genius, but the internet does things a little differently. I have been watching Epic Meal Time since they began, and I never miss a week. They make dreams come true, and then they eat them, or so says the banner. These guys love booze, bacon, meat, bacon and more bacon. Check them out here. One of my favourite episodes is below.

The world of Video Games is always an interesting thing to dip in to, and there are few more interesting opinions than Jim Sterling. Here, working for The Escapist, Jim gives us the skinny on what he feels is wrong with the games industry. The Jimquisition is always interesting, even if I don’t always agree with Jim’s point of view. Check them out here.

Well that’s it, another Wednesday comes to a close. Catch you again next week.

Man Vs Food

Or How To Cure Boredom

By Geeky Gem


Now for those of you that know me, you will know that I watch a lot of television. I am always on the look out for new shows to watch.

The other day, I was mindlessly skipping through channels, looking for something to watch as I had cleared my Sky + planner, which was no easy feet I can tell you. On my search up the channels, I hit Good Food, a channel I watch some times if Ace of Cakes is on, I may tell you about Ace of Cakes one day. When I looked at the show on Good Food I found a program called Man Vs Food, where a guy called Adam Richmon was trying to conquer 72 inch steak.

I stopped and watched to see if he could beat this huge piece of meat. To my surprise, he did. I noticed that there was another episode on after so I stayed on the channel and watched. It was fantastic.


The show is basically Adam going to different town’s all over America trying some of the food from the best joints in that town. At the end of the episode he takes on a huge food challenges in order to gain glory and in some cases his picture on a wall of the restaurant and a t-shirt.

The challenges can be anything from the worlds hottest curry to a 5 lb chilli dog with 2 lb of fries. Adam can eat just about anything. Sometimes however food will win, and Adam will have to walk away, this however does not take anything away from the show. Which is a really good show, the places he goes and the food he eats there is no way that I could do that. I live through Adam watching him try and take down this food.

Its just a simple show, with a simple goal, Can Man beat Food. To be honest I am now in love with this show, and I haven’t been watching it long it is fantastic. I cant stop watching and my day feels empty without at least one episode in it.

If you haven’t seen it then why not give it go. If you want just a taste of what I am talking about here is a clip of Adam taking on the 72 inch steak.


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