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My Geeky Trivia

By Geeky Gem

Well its a new month which means a whole ne batch of trivia for you lucky people. Today I am going to take to a land down under and no not that one the other one. New Zealand, is the home to many gret things but to the world of movies it is home to one man, one hobbit loving man I am of course speaking of Peter Jackson.


Owns two houses in Wellington, New Zealand.

Made the latex models for Bad Taste (1987) in his mom’s kitchen oven, often forcing the family to have sausages for dinner because they couldn’t use the oven.

Collects models of airplanes from World War One.

During filming of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), he used the same pair of shoes and only two T-shirts.

The stuff in the bowl, in his first movie Bad Taste (1987), was yoghurt, muesli and green food colouring.

Credits his favorite movie King Kong (1933) as his biggest inspiration in filmmaking. He said that he cried when King Kong fell off the Empire State Building.

The movie that gave him the love for splatter is George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead (1978). After seeing it, he felt a bit sick but amazed too.

Met Fran Walsh in 1987, during post-production for the gross-out cult classic Bad Taste (1987).

Nominated for a Best Director Academy Award for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) (which he won), but not for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002).

Is among an elite group of 7 directors who have won Best Picture, Best Director & Best Screenplay (Orig/Adapted) for the same film. In 2004 he won all three for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003). The other directors are Billy Wilder, Leo McCarey, Francis Ford Coppola, James L. Brooks and Joel Coen and Ethan Coen (the brothers co-produced, co-directed and co-wrote No Country for Old Men (2007) with each other).

There we have it folks some interesting trivia about the man, the legend and all round nice guy Mr Peter Jackson, join me next week for some trivia.


Thursday Thoughts: The Hobbit

By Geeky Gem

Now I know there have been a lot of blogs about this movie already and they are all over the web and that’s a good thing as it means people had thought’s about it. It’s not like me to sit down and tell you about a movie I have just seen, in fact many of y blogs are about movie’s I want to see or have seen. However on Tuesday evening my boyfriend came home and said I got  you this, handing me a ticket to the movie I have been waiting for all year. Yes folks that’s right The Hobbit.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey … one embargo to bind them.

We sat down to a 2D showing of the movie, I was little bit more excited than a 29-year-old should be but I didn’t care. However this always makes my boyfriend giggle. Anyway the adverts and trailers rolled on and An Unexpected Journey began. I have tired to read this book a few times, in high school it was our book for one ear but we neer finished it the second time I was up to chapter seven and lost my book. Dont panic I just brought a new one and as soon as I finish Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire I will be all over it. Anyway, the movie began and the screen fell silent, 2 hours and 48 minutes later we emerged from what I can only describe as nearly 3 hours of awesomeness.


The story for those of you who may not know is about a young Hobbit named Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman), who one day has a visit from an old family friend Gandalf the Grey Wizard (Ian McKellen). Who informs Bilbo that he wants him to join him on an adventure. Soon after 13 dwarves led by Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) arrive at Bilbo’s home at Bag End in the hope that Bilbo will join them. At first Bilbo say’s no and asks them all to leave, after a good nights sleep he joins them on thier quest to reclaim thier home from the dragon Smaug.


One of my favourite parts from the book is kept in the movie and that was the scene with the trolls, I was so happy when I saw this bit as it happens just as I pictured it when I read the chapter in the book. The Hobbit is a little lighter than The Lord of the Rings and has a bit more humor in it. Which makes for a great story, Peter Jackson just takes you back to the land of Middle Earth as if you are sitting down with an old friend. That had been away for a while and had a really good story to tell. Being back in Middle Earth is every thing it should be. My other favourite part is Riddles in the Dark, where Bilbo first meets Gollum.


Andy Serkis again brings Gollum to life and he does it so well, in this one however I felt sorry for Gollum, his love for the ring has driven him made but there is an innocence about him in this one that only Serkis could bring. Serkis even took on the added role in this movie as the second unit director which is great for him. There are so many great actors in the is movie as well that I just can’t name them all. If you havent seen and like the Lord of the Rings then The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey will fill you it joy. If you have already seen, then go again I know I will be.

If you do enjoy it it’s a only a year’s wait to part two in this trilogy, which is called The Desolation of Smaug. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, i going back to my Hobbit hole now where its safe and nothing ever happens.

Movie of the Month – December 2012

By Geeky Gem and @hmsbeffnuts

Welcome to our last movie of the month for 2012, its been a fantastic year for us here at All Geek To Me, as we will soon be turning one years old. It’s a very exciting time. However this is not why we are here, we are here to talk about our last Movie picks for 2012, now I know this may sound a little sad but when I heard this movie was being made there was now way it wasnt going to be pick for the month. So I bring you The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

I loved the Lord of the Rings and think Peter Jackson did an excellent job bringing that story to the silver screen, so when I heard he was going back to the star of te story with The Hobbit I was one very excited Geek. With many of the cast returning for this movie, which is now to become a trilogy I cant wait to see the book i read in High School come to life on the big screen.

For those who don’t know The Hobbit is about Bilbo Baggins who is a curious Hobbit, that journeys to the Lonely Mountain with a vigorous group of Dwarves to reclaim a treasure stolen from them by the dragon Smaug.

Now for those who know me the Dragon isn’t the only reason I want to see this movie, I want to see Jackson take us back to the start. I hope this movie is as good as Jackson’s other movies.

As always here is the trailer for you to enjoy.

Geeky Gem

Really? You want me to try and think of another film that you should see? Go see The Hobbit. See it twice if it’s good. Hopefully I will be seeing it a lot. I saw Fellowship 6 times at the cinema. Go see The Hobbit. That is all, Merry Christmas.


My Geeky Trivia

By Geeky Gem

Well didn’t those four weeks with Hmsbeefnuts in charge of trivia just fly by? I was glad for the break and it was funny watching Hmsbeefnuts freak out about how time consuming writing up trivia can be. Well welcome to my world Hmsbeefnuts! Anyway, I am back for a new four week run and this time I am not going all things that go bump in the night.

I thought we could start my new run off with one of my all time favourite films, Back to the Future. Way back in 1985 this movie hit the big screen and made me want to jump for joy. I have seen this movie more times than I can count so here is some trivia about this awesome movie and it’s sequels.

Back to the Future

Musician Mark Campbell did all of Michael J. Fox’s singing. He is credited on the movie as Marty McFly.

This may not surprise you but this movie was highest grossing film in 1985.

There is a deleted scene that shows Marty peeking in to a class room back in 1955 and seeing his mother cheating on a test.

I have only recently noticed this little bit of information, In the opening sequence, all of Doc’s clock’s read 7:53am except one. It’s on the floor next to the case of plutonium and reads 8:20am.

Back to the Future Part 2

When Marty arrives in 2015, he looks in a window of an antique store, where you can see a denim jacket that he wore in 1955, a Roger Rabbit doll and a Jaws Nintendo game.

The shooting title for the movie was “Paradox”. On the DVD special features it can been seen written on the slate in the making of the movie feature.

This movie marks the on screen debut for Elijah Wood; he plays one the kids who want to play the video games in the Cafe 80’s. Who knew Frodo had been to the future he must have known Peter Jackson would cast him.

Back to the Future Part 3

In this movie Doc and Marty exchange catchphrases. Marty says “Great Scott” and Doc replays “Yeah this is heavy” while they are talking about the photo of the tombstone.

Thomas F. Wilson who plays Buford Tannen, performed all his own horse riding stunts, he even did the one where he lassos Marty just before we meet Doc in 1885.

The embroidery on Marty’s western costume is the symbol for atomic energy.

And there we have a week of Back to the Future goodness, come back next week to see what other delights I have for you. It may not even be a film.

Weekly Geeky Trivia: Lord Of The Rings

By Hmsbeefnuts

Thank Zeus for that. This is my last week on trivia for four whole weeks!! Whooo!! Next week, Geeky Gem is back with her usual brand of Geek trivial awesomeness, at least I hope she is…you are back Gem right? Anyway, just before I break down and cry, may I present to you 10 most excellent facts all about the greatest film trilogy of all time, The Lord of the Rings…your quest begins…!

Viggo Mortensen was not originally cast as Aragorn, the guy who played Lestat in the awful Queen of the Dammed, and Dorian Grey in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, also awful, Stuart Townsend was cast, Peter Jackson soon realised he was shit, and fired him, thank God.

Jack the Ripper himself, Ian Holm, plays Bilbo Baggins in the films, but weirdly was the voice of Frodo in the 1981 BBC Radio adaptation of LOTR.

Security was so tight on set, and things so secret, three people were arrested for break-ins, obviously spies of Saruman.

J.R.R. Tolkien’s estate, was never in favour of the film adaptations, but unlucky, the great man signed over the right to his book in 1968 for a mere $15,000, and thus they were as powerless as a baby hobbit in a warg pit. Tolkien’s grandson was even disowned by his family because he supported Peter Jackson’s production. Christopher Tolkien later retracted any opposition, probably after he knew that Jackson hit all three films out of the park.

The village of Hobbiton was built a year before production started, in order to make it look like hobbits lived there, real vegetable patches, sheep eaten grass and all. Take note film directors, Peter Jackson doesn’t fuck about.

The large tree that overshadows Bag End, was built by the production design team, every single leaf was attached by hand, that is dedication.

The Battle of Helms Deep, took four months to shoot, all of it at night, most of it in heavy rain.

The Riders of Rohan were some of the bravest men in Middle Earth, except, in the film, many of them were not men, women with beards glued on had to be used as, a) they were usually better riders and b) Jackson needed to increase numbers of riders on screen, and not enough men, who could ride, could be found.

A normal major motion picture usually averages around 200 effects shots, or at least did in 2003, The Return of the King alone had 1488!!

The Lord of the Rings is now the most nominated film series in Oscar history, with 30 nominations, others that are close are, the Godfather Trilogy, 28 noms, and Star Wars with 21, sorry George.

So there it be. My last trivia for a whole four weeks, hahahahaha, four weeks off!!! Well actually, I’d better get to work on the next four weeks worth, it does take ages after all…..

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