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Summer Knights: Bat-A-Thon Part 2

By Geeky Gem

Well as we all know the Dark Knight will soon be leaving us again. As a way of honoring him I thought I would sit through all six movies so far and report back to you.  On this journey so far I have watched Batman, Batman Returns and Batman Forever. In this second part of my epic Bat-A-Thon I shall watch Batman and Robin, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.  Shall we begin?

Batman And Robin – 1997

This was a harder watch than Batman Forever, as I am not a huge fan of these to movies but they are worth a sit through if just to refresh my mind in perpetration for the awesomeness to come. Joel Schumacher again was at the helm for this one, along with another new Batman in George Clooney. The debate for the best Batman rages on.

The story line for this one is much the same for all of them so far. Batman comes across an enemy that he must take on with loyal sidekick Robin, in order to save Gotham. This time Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy have their eyes on Gotham. Along with Ivy’s sidekick a very comic and less like himself than he should be Bane. Although Bane is pumped up with Venom he is a mere shadow of the scary man he should be. This Bane could not break the bat.

The main part of the story is that Alfred is dying and there is no known cure apart from that of a cure that Dr Victor Freeze was working on before his accident. Can Batman reason with him and save his friend? Along with is a new sidekick in Batgirl, who in this version of events is related to Alfred not Commissioner Gordon, not sure why but she is. Anyway she joins Batman and Robin in their fight to save Gotham and Alfred, will they succeeded? Well that would be telling wouldn’t it.

Batman Begins – 2005

Now we move on to the good stuff, 8 years after Batman last graced our screens, it was time for a new direction for the Dark Knight, gone was Burton and Schumacher a new age was coming. Christopher Nolan walked in and a new Batman was born. The question on every ones lips was who shall be the Bat? The answer came in the form of little know Welsh actor called Christian Bale. Many people thought, could this guy pull off Batman? We all waited to see.

It would appear that yes, yes he can. I think is helped in part by the script which is pure genius, which was written by Nolan and David S. Goyer. This thing doesn’t give up, instead of using flash backs to tell the story of Batman we are there with Bruce as he trains with Ra’s Al Ghul and the League of Assassin’s not knowing what they really want. On his return to Gotham Bruce has to keep up his playboy life style with that of the Batman. What exactly is Dr. Jonathan Crane up to?   The Batman must find out with the help from Jim Gordon.

The cast in this movie in unbelievable, Bale is joined by the likes of Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson, Michael Cane, Morgan Freeman and Cillian Murphy. All of who bring a darkness and edginess to Nolan and Goyer’s screenplay which leaves the comedy camp stuff behind and hits it hard with a much darker Batman. Don’t believe me then go watch it.


The Dark Knight – 2008

Somehow it doesn’t feel like four years has passed since I sat in a cinema with Kirkie Chick and enjoyed this movie in such a way that it will stay with me for a long time to come. This time Chris Nolan was joined by his brother Jonathan Nolan in writing, I think, an even darker screenplay than Batman Begins. David S Goyer helped write the story and it grew from there.

Many of the same cast returned for this outing with some frankly brilliant new additions. One of which it saddens me to say is no longer with us. Taken way before his time Heath Ledger’s Joker will go down in history as one of the best role’s in movie history. There was something in Ledger’s Joker that wasn’t in Nicolson’s Joker. Ledger took the Joker to that very dark place; where he should have been all along and frankly out shines in this movie. Aaron Eckhart joins the team as Harvey Dent the DA hell bent on saving Gotham from the inside and from the Batman. But what does the future hold for this humble but hard hitting white knight?

As the Joker plans the down fall of Gotham and that of Batman, Bruce is forced to use a technology that both Lucius Fox and Alfred are not too happy about. Can they pull Bruce and Batman back from the edge of crossing the line? Only time will tell. In the mean time poor Harvey Dent must come to terms with his new face and it’s time for Batman to run as he is now a marked man. Gotham will need him one day, so he will watch and wait for the day that Gotham will need their Dark Knight again.


That Brings us to the end of our epic Bat-A-Thon, I for one have enjoyed watching all the movies again in order to bring this too you. I will no doubt be seeing The Dark Knight Rises a number of times. As Nolan’s time is over as the man that bought back the Batman we have to thank him for these truly fantastic movies and for showing the world that Batman can be dark.


By @hmsbeefnuts

 Summer Knights continues here at All Geek To Me, and I hope you are enjoying it? Today we are going to have a look at some of The Dark Knights greatest enemies, the most maniacal members of his rogues gallery. In my opinion, Batman has some of the greatest super villains to fight of any superhero. Some of the sickest bastards to ever spout a speech bubble. So lets see who makes the list shall we?


Obvious really isn’t it? But how could I not choose the Clown Prince of Crime on this list? He is the Yin to Batman’s Yan. The smiling faced psychopath to Batman Dark Avenger. He has been responsible for causing more pain in Batman’s life than any other person, killing friends, and crippling allies. He is the sickest, most sadistic super villain who has ever been written, and is Batman’s nemesis. Joker has to be number 1 on any list of the super evil.


I tend to like villains in this mould, like Vandal Savage. A man who has lived for centuries, thanks to his Lazarus Pits, that allow him to maintain his youth and vigour. Ras Al Ghul is a villain that both admires and hates The Detective, even considering him worthy of marrying his daughter Talia. Ghul is a global threat, his League of Shadows organisation is just a stones throw away from Batman, but crucially, Batman will never cross the line and join them. Grandfather to Batman’s son Damien, Ras Al Ghul is a dangerous and complicated addition to the rogues gallery.


Gotham used to believe in Harvey Dent, but a horrific attack with some acid in court, or a fire, depending on who you believe, turned Gotham’s White Knight, into one of it’s greatest threats. Obsessed with his injury, Two Face took his anger out on a city that was already drowning in crime. With his lucky coin deciding many a fate, Two Face is almost a match for Batman both physically and mentally, but being deranged, well, he doesn’t always think straight, depends what mood he is in.


At first glance, the Mad Hatter is a childish and ridiculous enemy, and certainly, that’s how he started. However, in more modern times, The Mad Hatter has been re imagined as a dangerous, deranged criminal, with a penchant for small children and mind control. The Dark nature of Mad Hatter’s crimes make him perfect punching material for The Caped Crusader.


Batman uses fear as a weapon on the criminal element of Gotham City. How cool is it then that Dr Jonathon Crane, uses it against The Dark Knight? Scarecrow is one of the most striking enemies that Batman faces. Posing no real physical threat, Scarecrow is all about psychological fear. His weaponised fear gas is a powerful advantage for Dr Crane. I tend to love classical villain archetypes, and Scarecrow goes right back to Sleepy Hollow.


Bane is the equal of Batman, both physically and mentally. He is the man who broke the bat, but things aren’t quite so clear cut. At times, Batman has worked with Bane, but usually, they are working against each other. Bane has had a tough life, growing up in South American prisons, and killing to survive. His reliance on the drug Venom can cause increased pain resistance, and increased strength. Bane is a very dangerous enemy, that Batman does not take lightly.


A complicated relationship with The Dark Knight, does not even begin to explain Catwoman’s interactions with Batman. At times deadly enemy, lover and ally, Catwoman is everything to everyone. Sexy, devious, loyal, tough, vulnerable, Selena Kyle is a fantastic addition to Gotham City. You can’t really argue with an outfit like that can you? I’m sure Batman doesn’t mind running into Selena on a nightly patrol, she may be deadly, but she is also a hell of a lot of fun.


Oh Poison Ivy, I don’t care if you are green, unhinged, deadly and can control plants, you are sexy as hell. I’m a sucker for red heads, and Dr Pamela Isely is one of the very sexiest. An environmentalist, literally, Ivy prefers plants to humans, something I can see the advantage of, at least with certain people. One of Batman’s most deadly enemies, Poison Ivy should not be judged on her beauty alone, and should not be taken lightly. She is damn sexy though….

Gaming for Girls: Part 4

 By Kirkie Chick 

SPOILER WARNING: If you not yet completed the game please be advised this article has some spoilers in it.

I have travelled from the depths of Arkham City to bring you this report of how I am getting on there. Readers may remember my encounter with a Dinosaur in the Museum, on my hunt for the Penguin, I managed to find him, only to be fired at with Mr Freeze’s gun which the Penguin stole. I had to go looking for a chip from Mr Freeze’s suit to jam the gun. I took great pleasure in fighting Penguin, only to have a fight with his pet. I got through that, and then I went looking for Mr Freeze again. I found him but he wasn’t able to help me straight away with a cure for the toxin from the Joker in my blood. It turned out that I would have to have a chase across roof tops for an assassin to sample the blood of an immortal man. An enzyme within the blood would help with finding the cure.

 After several attempts I was able to have it out with the assassin and got the sample. I met Robin. This was a pleasant surprise. Robin hadn’t appeared in Batman Arkham Asylum. He came to bring me a present, the Line Launcher gadget. I was able to give him the sample of blood to get analysed then I was on the hunt for the assassin’s hideout. I travelled across rooftops to the Subway. Once down in the Subway I did get stuck. Once again my boyfriend had to help me out. Turned out I could have worked it out for myself if I had been a bit more patient. After fighting some goons I managed to have it out with the leader of the assassins to get a sample of his blood. Ra’s al Ghul is his name and he tested me because he believes my destiny is to join them and become Immortal and be with his daughter, Talya al Ghul. I tricked him to get his blood and I fled again to take the sample back to Mr Freeze. I got a bit lost and I had travelled through the subway tunnel before as well.


Mr Freeze had made an antidote, but he turned on me and didn’t want to give it to me. I fought him. He was a tricky bugger but I defeated him. It turned out while we were fighting Harley Quinn had stolen the sample of the antidote to take back to the Joker. Who had also taken Mr Freeze’s wife Nora. As a side mission I was to rescue Nora, but for the time being I didn’t want to deter from my main mission, to go and infiltrate the Saw Mill where the Joker was hiding out to get the antidote sample back. I travelled to the Saw Mill; I got a little side tracked by rescuing a reporter who had been shot down in the City. After that I got back on track. The goons patrolling the perimeter of the Saw Mill were a little tricky but I was able to eventually get in. I had acquired a gadget from Mr Freeze so I could freeze burst pipes that had steam coming out of them.

 I travelled through the Saw Mill, killing goons, using sheets of ice to travel through tunnels of water and I found Harley Quinn, bound and gagged. She told me some information about weapons hidden by Joker. I had more important things to think about at the time. I continued to look for Joker. I found him and I fought him. He fought nasty, bringing in goons and two mean adversaries who packed a punch. I defeated them, but then Batman collapsed. The game then continues to go back to pick up the storyline with Catwoman and Poison Ivy. I’m currently trying to get into a weapons store for Poison Ivy. I have completed 26% of the overall game. 72% of that is the story mode. So I am getting there.


I have also been playing LA Noire. I haven’t played any Lost since starting it. In LA Noire, I managed to solve a couple of cases I was working on. I like the continuing storyline about the deaths of the girls being similar to the case of the Black Dahlia. The Dahlia Case is a true murder mystery which was never solved, from the 1940s, around the time and place of L.A. Noire. The Case involved the body of a woman, which was found battered and cut in half, with ghastly gashes cut on the victims face. Letters were sent to the police from the supposed murderer, but they never sent down anyone for the murder. At the moment I am currently going to have to restart a case because I think I took a wrong turn on questioning.


So until next time happy gaming!

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