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Hollywood Hunks

By Geeky Gem 

Now not too long ago Mr Beefnuts told you how much he liked a number of Hollywood babes, this made him feel guilty and slightly sexiest. Thus he has asked me to even it up by picking some Hollywood hunks, as I explained this is to make Mr Beefnuts feel better about himself and in no way was it any fun for me.  

Ha, who I am kidding I liked picking these guys as much as Mr Beefnuts did picking his, so with out further ado here are my picks for Hollywood Hunks again as always in no real order. 

Chris Evans



Kellan Lutz



Chris Hemsworth



Ryan Reynolds



Robert Downey Jr



Liam Hemsworth



Jeremy Renner



Samuel L. Jackson



Elijah Wood



Chris Pine








Avenging April: The Incredibles

By Geeky Gem

 We here at All Geek just love our Super Heroes, you may have noticed this from our pick for movie of the month or my obsession with Batman. However Batman is not the only Super Hero I like, there are loads, and a few too many to mention here, besides this article isn’t about those heroes.

 This article is about The Incredibles. Back in 2004, Pixar was starting to make a big splash in a small pond. With films such as Toy Story and A Bug’s Life under its belt, they came out with a movie about a family of Super Heroes forced to try and live a nomal life.

Now at the helm of this movie was none other than Bard Bird, a former director and executive consultant of The Simpsons. With such actors as Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Jason Lee and Samuel L. Jackson providing the voices what could go wrong with this movie.

Turn’s out nothing, it was a huge hit for Pixar and Disney. The reason I like this movie so much, is due to the simple but entertaining story. Super heroes where once much loved people of the world but a few law suits and continuous rebuilding of said cities, has led the heroes to take refuge in their mild manered alter ego’s. Here they must stay or risk being up routed and moved to a new city if people find out who they are. Bob yearns to help people, and in his alter ego’s day job he tires to do just that. This however is not enough for Bob and he wants more, so when he is offered the chance to be a hero in secret he jumps at the chance.


When Bob/Mr Incredible gets in to trouble on a secret mission, it is up to his family, and their friend Frozone, to save him from the evil Syndrome and his Robot, Omnidroid. Syndrome was once Mr Incredibles biggest fan, shund by the hero, Buddy, now called Syndrome, has vowed to distory him and his family. I guess I should tell you what powers The Incredibles posses, Mr Incredible is very strong, Mrs Incredible/ Elastigirl, can streach her body to great lengths, thier daugther Violet can turn her self Invisible and create force fields. Dash their eldest son, can run at break neck speeds and Jack-Jack well thats a secret. As the family re-groups and Frozone joins them they try to down Syndrome and his evil robot. Now if you havent seen it I will not spoil the end for you, as it very good.

The Incredibles is a feel good family movie, and brings not just super hero’s into the mix but a very strong feeling of family. The animation is fantastic and is of the quality you expect from Pixar, as is the music. The whole thing just comes together nicely. If you havent seen and you like super hero’s and Pixar animation then you have to see this.

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