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Hmsbeefnuts Returns With His Top 10 Films of Last Year (Better late than never)

By @hmsbeefnuts


Hello, I’m back. I haven’t written anything for a while, apart from an attempt at a children’s story, which is still a work in progress. However, I have been very busy with that thing called life, it’s been far too busy as of late to write much of anything. Well, I thought it was high time that I did something to contribute to this blog I started with Geeky Gem, before she thinks I have abandoned her for good, I havent by the way. So last year was a great time to be a movie geek, we had a few films that many geeks didn’t think would ever happen, but were delivered to the screen in fantastic and amazing ways. I enjoyed many films this year, although I didn’t see as many as I would normally have done, I still got more than my fair share in. So standard Top 10 Time is the order of the day… here we go.


10. Prometheus


Lots of people didn’t like this Alien Prequel, but I liked it a lot, in fact, I’d rather watch this again than Alien (not Aliens though, obviously). I liked that we didn’t get all the answers, I liked that it left things hanging somewhat. Good special effects, good mature Sci-Fi. Give it another chance, and don’t view it as a direct prequel to Alien, and more of a film set in the same universe, that may answer some questions, but poses far more.

 9. John Carter
Again, not a film many people seemed to like, but I loved this fun Sci-Fi/fantasy film. Great effects, a lot of fun, monsters, aliens and fighting, all a growing geek needs. It’s like Star Wars before Star Wars was invented. Probably never going to see a sequel, and it is such a shame.
 8. The Grey
Liam Neeson has to survive a plane crash, freezing Alaskan temperatures, snow, ice and a pack of hungry wolves who are pissed off at humans being in their territory. Although this film wasn’t Wolf Puncher The Movie, as the trailers seemed to suggest, it ended up being so much better. Really worth checking out.
 7. Dredd
Wasn’t really on my radar, but I absolutely loved this new take on Judge Dredd. Uber violent, loyal to the comic and very stylish, in a low key way. I would love to see a sequel to this. Karl Urban was great as Dredd, and in any other year, this would have been the best comic book movie, but this year was stellar.
 6. Cabin in the Woods
I’m not even going to talk much about this, because you must see this unspoiled. If you like horror of any type, you should give this a watch. An awesome film.
5. Skyfall
A great end to the first Daniel Craig Bond Trilogy. Not quite as good as Casino Royale in my mind, but it was excellent none the less.
4. Jack Reacher
Didn’t really expect to like this film as much as I did, but I loved it. I have a lot of time for Cruise, and his Jack Reacher was fantastic. Made me want to check out the books, so job done there. A gripping thriller, with great action, more Reacher please.
3. The Dark Knight Rises
This could easily have been my favourite film of the year, and it could easily change place with number 2. However, I place this as number 3, simply because the spectacle of number 2 won out. This is the end of a brilliant, outstanding trilogy. Lots of people have said that this wasn’t true to the character of Batman, and I can see that point. However, I like to view the Nolan trilogy as kind of an Elseworlds tale. It seems impossible to imagine a better, realistic take on Batman, simply brilliant.
2. The Avengers
I never thought it would happen, and then I never thought it would be this good. The Hulk was the stand out star, but the beauty was everyone got to shine. This was no easy task to film, and Marvel and Joss Whedon did a miraculous job. Phase one is over, on to phase two, I can not wait.
1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
My personal favourite film of the year. I love Middle Earth, have done since my Dad read me The Hobbit when I was 5. I loved the books, loved the films, and was in no doubt that I would love The Hobbit. Well, I was right wasn’t I. This film was magnificent, yes it did take a while to get going, but it needed that time. Time spent in the Shire is never wasted. It felt like meeting old friends, slipping back into a comfortable state of amazingness. I could watch this film endlessly, everything was wonderful and just as I imagined. Thank you Mr. Jackson. There will always be part of me that will wonder what Del Toro’s Hobbit would have been like, but overall, I’m glad PJ got to do this, it ties everything up with the Trilogy much better.

My Geeky Trivia

By Geeky Gem

Now as you all known here at All Geek to Me one of favourite movies of the year was The Avengers, so I thought as a treat as we are coming to end of the year that I would bring you some Avengers trivia. I wont go on too much at this point as we have spoken about this movies loads this year, so straight to the trivia it is then.

The first Marvel film to be distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

Before Mark Ruffalo was cast as The Hulk, Joaquin Phoenix was rumored for the part.

Lou Ferrigno voices the Hulk in this film. He has played the Hulk in almost every live-action version since 1978: he played the Hulk in The Incredible Hulk and its subsequent three TV specials, and he voiced the Hulk in the big-screen The Incredible Hulk (he was seen in Hulk but it was a cameo role as a security guard, which he repeated in The Incredible Hulk ). He also has voiced the Hulk in various animated productions.

Director Joss Whedon had earlier been considered to direct X-Men in the 1990s. A big fan of the X-Men, he even wrote a script, from which only two lines made it into the film.

The Science and Entertainment Exchange provided a science consultation for the film.

The cast became good friends while filming so if all the actors happened to be filming scenes together in the same place, they would go out together after.

The film was converted to 3D during post-production for the theatrical release.

Chris Evans once sent a text message to Clark Gregg simply saying “Assemble”, which is the tagline for the movie. Gregg stated that this was his favorite text message ever sent to him.

This is the second time that Bruce Banner/Hulk and Thor have appeared together in a movie. They previously appeared together in The Incredible Hulk Returns.

Tom Hiddleston revealed in an interview with the Guardian that the code name for the film early in its production was ‘Group Hug’.

Well that’s avenging trivia over with, what will I bring you next week in my birthday special. Come back and find out.

My Top 30 Favourite Movies: Part 2

By Geeky Gem

Some of you have caught part one of epic list through My Top 20 Movies, now I forgot to mention that these are in no real order, more the how they popped into my head at the time I wrote them down. I’ve already bought 10 of them so shall we move on to the other 10. I hope you sitting comfortably.

Jurassic Park


When I was little there where many things I wanted to be when I grew up, one of them was a paleontologists. Dinosaurs were a big deal to me and I collected all sorts of dinosaur toys, books and everything else. So when this movie came out I begged my dad to take me to see it, I loved it. I don’t think I need to say any more.


Beauty and the Beast

Ok so this is the first Disney movie of my list. I love this movie, it’s funny and dark all the same time. I love the story it’s timeless and the songs are fantastic. All I ever wanted was the giant library that Beast shows to Belle, I can’t help it I would love that.


In the second of my Disney movies on this list I went for Mulan. I love this movie again for similar reasons to way I love Beauty and the Beast, the story is simple and songs are good. The one thing I love more about this movie is Ming Na who plays Mulan she is brilliant.



Before Hollywood got their hands on this movie and cast Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon in the unneeded re-make of this movie, there was Luc Besson. He had this fantastic idea of having a normal Taxi become a Super Taxi, this movie is funny but also packed with action, if you fancy a watch take note its subtitled as this movie is in French but so worth a watch.

Battle Royale

Yes I have added a few foreign language movies to my list, because other countries make movies to you know and this one is up there with the best of them. I love this movie I really do, the idea of the only way to even out the population of kids to adults is having one class a year battle to the death on live television is just brilliant. Great movie, if you like Hunger Games and Running Man you have to watch this, again its subtitled but dubbed versions are out there.


Clash of the Titans

Harryhausen had to make the list right? This is one of my favorite movies of his; the claymation to live action in this movie is fantastic and makes it timeless. If you haven’t seen it you really must, it’s great. Then you can see what Hollywood where trying to live up with its recent re-makes.

The Avengers

Yes I know this move only came out a few months ago, but I am not going to lie to you I loved it and I can’t wait to get my hands on that shiny Blu Ray. It was just everything I wanted it to be and more, so much so I watched twice in the cinema and would gladly gone a few more times to see it on the big screen. Brilliant!


Who doesn’t like a good ninja movie? How about a ninja movie where one girl kills a shit load of bad guys in one fight? Sounding good isn’t it? It’s a brilliant move with the right mix of bloody and story. Any it’s a Japanese movie with subtitles but I am sure if you can’t do that there are dubbed ones out for you.


The Fifth Element

Luc Besson makes the list for a second time, purely because this movie is awesome. I know I have said that about nearly every movie on this list and to me it’s true. This is a simple story about one man’s mission to save the girl he loves as she saves the planet from alien destruction. Oh and stuff blows up.

Indiana Jones

I had to have Dr. Jones on my list, this guy is the reason I wanted to study history even though I wasn’t very good at it. These movies are great to watch and I can do so over and over again, I just don’t look directly at Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

There we have it, part 2 of my top 30 movies, until I bring you another 10. For now I must bid you farewell I have movies to watch.

My Top 20 Movies

By @hmsbeefnuts

All Geek To Me has been running for almost 6 months now, and I thought it was about time that I sat down and tried to write something about my Top 20 Films. I think that an individuals Top 20 Films gives you an insight into that persons personality. It is a quick, but largely useless way admittedly, to decide whether or not that person is your kind of person. I have chosen a Top 20, simply because, a Top 10 didn’t seem appropriate, I love Movies way more than that. Also, these films are in no particular order, I consider them all excellent, and I love them in different ways, perhaps not all equally, but I could watch all of them, and have, numerous times, and still feel the same way about them. This is going to be a bit of a long one, so with out further ado….


I have loved JAWS for as long as I can remember. I never really found it scary, but always found it fascinating. The film is perfectly cast, wonderfully acted, beautifully shot, and surely in the top 2 adventure films of all time. The music, the story, the USS Indianapolis speech, Quint. I can watch this film endlessly, although I probably wouldn’t take it to a dessert island, it would certainly put me off swimming. The Father of the modern blockbuster, this film, and the next choice, are, for me perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing.


It is a hard choice for me to choose between Raiders and JAWS as my favourite film of all time. For me, they are the finest examples of action cinema available. Raiders is responsible for certain decisions I made in my life. Along with another film on this list, Raiders began my love of ancient history, which I went on to study at University. Raiders cheers me up when I’m down, makes me forget about shitty things, or just takes me away for 2 hours for. No matter how much I watch it, it’s still perfect. I wanted to be Indy, I still do, he is the greatest action hero ever created. Spielberg really knocked it out of the park here, in fact I want to watch it now…

KING KONG (1933)

I can remember watching this when I was very young on TV. The black and white perfectly capturing a fairytale nightmare world of Skull Island, and the amazing stop motion work of Willis Obrian. Fay Wray is beautiful, who could fault Kong for falling in love with her? So sad, so exciting, hard to believe it was made in 1933. The Peter Jackson remake is good, but this is better. If you haven’t checked it out, you need to.


About 10 years ago I got into the Universal Monsters Classics. I had always liked monsters etc. but had never seen the old classics. My favourite has always been The Wolfman. I loved the look of the Jack Pierce make-up. When I finally saw the film, I fell in love. It’s brilliant, tragic and once more we have a monster doomed by a pretty blonde, is their a pattern emerging here? All the old classic monster films are worth watching, but The Wolfman is my favourite. I liked the recent remake by the way, few others did.


This is another film I happened to see when I was younger. Peter Cushion as Holmes is perfect, the story is slightly racier than other adaptations as this is a Hammer film. I love the black and white Basil Rathbone Holmes too, but Cushion in this role will always be my favourite. Very atmospheric, perfect rainy Sunday afternoon movie.


I love Vikings. This is my favourite Viking Movie. Based on a Michael Crichton book, Eaters of the Dead, itself a reinterpretation of Beowulf, 13th Warrior perhaps should be considered a guilty pleasure. No way, why feel guilty about a film this exciting and fun. Vikings vs cannibals? Why aren’t you watching this now?


Many people would pick The Dark Knight alone as the best Batman movie, I disagree. The Dark Knight is an amazing movie, but for me, Batman Begins is where it’s at. I couldn’t believe how right Christopher Nolan got this film. After years of Tim Burton weirdness and campy rubbish, Batman Begins was the perfect antidote. Bale is THE Batman, a stellar cast, and great action, and the best teaser for a sequel ever.


This is the other film that forged my love of ancient history. I have loved this film since before I could talk, and would watch it on a loop. It is in my opinion the finest example of stop motion work ever created, and by the master Ray Harryhausen. It is testament to his skill that he could make you care about, or fear the creatures he created, something the modern remake of Clash of the Titans was so poor at. JATA is a fine adventure film, and wow, that skeleton fight scene.


Goodfellas is, in my opinion, the best crime drama ever made. Great performances, a great story and fantastic music, it is Scorsese at his best. All the casts career best performances. Goodfellas has never been bettered in the mob film genre.


The funniest film I have ever seen. It stands up to repeat viewings and the cast is once again spot on. So good, many of the lines are cliché, how amazing the most of the film was improvised. Can’t wait for the sequel.


Have you seen Hotrod? You really must. It is the other film on this list that I can watch endlessly, and it makes me laugh every time.


When I was 15, this film was the coolest film ever made. Clooney was the fucking man in this, and I don’t think he has ever been better. Two films in one, this is a cool crime thriller and a vampire horror all in one tasty package.


I know it’s cheating to pick all three, but you can’t really separate the greatest achievement in cinematic history. If I was forced to pick just one, it would be Fellowship of the Ring, but they are all triple A classics. I was a fan of the books since I was 11, and was very worried that the films wouldn’t live up to my high expectations. I needn’t have worried. Peter Jackson created a masterpiece of fantasy cinema. This is the best trilogy ever made, and I can’t wait till December to see The Hobbit.


I always mention this film to friends etc. as one of the greatest of all time, and I always get funny looks. They obviously don’t understand. The greatest sword fight ever, Andre The Giant, pirates, monsters, true love, death, resurrection, evil, good, and friendship? As you wish. One of the best films ever made… that is defiantly not inconceivable.


Russell Crowe is immense as Maximus. I love Ridley Scott, and here I believe he delivers his greatest film. I’m fascinated by The Romans, and Gladiator is a great look into ancient Rome, although it is perhaps not 100% accurate. The return to the swords and sandle epic was well over due when this came out, and for me, this eclipsed all other ancient world films that had been made before it.


Based on a true story of the beast of Gevuedan, this French film is an amazing cocktail of monster film, period drama, kung fu epic and thriller. I love love love this film. Take a pinch of Last of the Mohicans, a spoonful of Hound of The Baskervilles and pour in a large drop of Enter the Dragon, and you have a great, unexpected epic about a real life event, that remains unexplained.


I am very much aware that this film is style over content, and I don’t care at all. Based on a Frank Miller Comic, which is based on one of histories greatest events, 300 is a comic come to life. Bloody, violent, homoerotic? Awesome. I happen to love Zack Snyder, and I think this film showcases his style perfectly. This is SPARTA.


I know this only came out recently, but I just bloody love it. For me, it is the greatest, purely comic book movie ever made. This was so much fun and the end result of a 5 year plan that seemed impossible at the time. To bring 5 films and their characters together in one giant superhero slugfest was a huge risk, but Joss Whedon and Marvel managed it perfectly. I can’t wait to own this on Bluray. It needs to be in my collection.


Yes I preferred Batman Begins, but The Dark Knight was almost it’s equal. Ledgers Joker blew Nicholson out of the water, we had a great plot, great sequences, Two Face!! Perhaps 20 mins too long, but when a film is this accomplished and excellent, who cares. Surely The Dark Knight Rises will be as good, I do hope so.


I love Arnie. This is my favourite Arnie role. Conan isn’t a perfect representation of the Cimmerian conqueror, in fact, the recent Jason Mamoa film was closer to the Robert E Howard stories, but I love Arnie’s take. This, along with The Princess Bride, was my favourite classic fantasy film, until The Lord of the Rings. Crom!!

April Assessment

By @hmsbeefnuts

April is over, and with it, AGTM’s Avenging April season. It is time then for my monthly look back at the month in film, at least the films I saw, and assess how April went. I didn’t see as many films this month as I would have liked, partly due to other responsibilities, and partly due to there not being more films released. In the end I saw everything that I really wanted too, and that’s the main thing. Before we get on to the films, I would like to mention Game of Thrones. The second season is four episodes old, at the time of writing, and I have to say, it just gets better and better. I am currently reading book 3, A Storm of Swords, so I am a little ahead of the on screen action, however, I’m finding watching the events unfold in Westeros as exciting as reading them.

I love that the series seems to be doing things just a tiny bit different, it all adds to the awesomeness of Game of Thrones. Favourite characters? Well Tyrion obviously, but also Arya, Ser Jorah Mormont, Dany, Jon Snow and Rob Stark. With this series, you can never truly be sure that your favourite character will make it to the next episode, it’s a testament to the writing of George R. R. Martin, and the show runners, that they can keep you on your toes this much. I recommend you all check out Game of Thrones, but do yourself a favour, start with season one, don’t just jump in now, you will regret it if you don’t. Right, onwards to the movies, and quite a good selection this month.

Battleship was a film I wasn’t overly looking forward too. I do normally like these kind of brainless action films, for instance, I really like all the Transformer films, perfect popcorn entertainment. Battleship though isn’t based on transforming robots, but a pretty boring board game. I didn’t have to worry too much though, Hasbro seemed to have employed the Covenant from Halo as bad guys, and battle ship was a man vs alien menace film. Now I wouldn’t exactly recommend this film to everyone. It isn’t a great movie, but it is a hell of a lot of fun, and who doesn’t want to see a man with no legs slug an alien in the face? Things blow up, people look heroic or pretty, ships battle, Liam Neeson is in it, and it’s not all ‘America is the best country in the world whoo ha!’ either. The film has a quirky sense of humour, and I laughed a lot at it, when I was meant too. I felt the action was always played a little tongue in cheek, and was all the better for it. Worth seeing if you like explosions, hot blonde ladies, fun and don’t take things too seriously. It won’t win any awards, but it kept me entertained for 2 hours, and that’s what it was meant to do.

Cabin in the Woods was a film I had very little expectations for. I had kept away from most of the hype for it, and thought it was going to be a bog standard teens in peril movie. Boy, was I wrong. If it was not for The Avengers, this would be film of the month, and will likely be in a lot of critics top 10’s this year. The only problem with the film is that, you can’t really say why it is so awesome. The central idea is so amazingly awesome, that you have to experience it yourself. Do not read spoiler, do not listen to anyone talking about the plot. This film is amazing, and needs to be seen by any fan of horror. Seriously, so so good. That’s all I can really say about it other than this, and The Avengers has kind of changed my mind about Josh Whedon, someone who I was not a fan of before, I can definitely appreciate him now though, even if I still can’t warm to Buffy, or Firefly. Go see Cabin in the Woods, thank me later.

Lockdown is stupid, and silly and ridiculous, and I loved every single second of it. Guy Pearce plays a super hard wise ass of a Special Forces Agent, who has to go and save the presidents daughter, who has been taken hostage aboard a Maximum Security Space Prison. If you think that sounds shit, stop reading right now and skip to the Avengers, because, this film only gets more ridiculous. I loved it. Guy Pearce is a badass mother fucker in this film, who’d have thunk it? This is very much in the vein of The Transporter franchise, Luke Besson being involved in both. It has a slightly lame sense of humour, which makes all the jokes even better. It is super violent, has two Scottish thugs as the main bad guys and is a really fun 2 hours, if you like that sort of thing. Once again, this isn’t going to win any film prizes, no Oscars, but why does every film have to win awards? This is two hours of mindless, violent fun, set in a SPACE PRISON, where THE PRESIDENTS DAUGHTER, is kidnapped. What’s not to like?

The Avengers. Oh My Loki. I have written my impressions on first viewing The Avengers here. I loved every second of it, it is clearly the best movie to go see this month. Whedon has produced a near perfect film for comic fans. Everything promised in the previous Marvel Films (for more on those click here and here) was delivered in The Avengers, whilst also setting up the future of the Marvel Movie Universe. Run to see this film, it deserves to be seen in a theatre. I won’t write anything more on this for now, as I’m sure some of you haven’t seen it, don’t be spoiled, spoil yourself and buy a ticket.

In other news… Avenging April has been a success, so I think that in the future All Geek To Me will be doing more weekly or monthly special events. Hopefully we will have more news on this very soon. Thank you for reading, liking, commenting and re-blogging, it is always appreciated. Now, when is that new Batman Movie out…

AVENGING APRIL: Avengers Movie Marathon Part 2

By @hmsbeefnuts

So last time we met I had just watched Ironman, The Incredible Hulk and Ironman2, three films that lead up to the now so close I can taste it The Avengers. Our next two films were to prove tricky prospects for Marvel, as they were a little bit different to the technology based heroes we had seen so far. Magic and history were to be prominent in both Thor and Captain America, and if these films didn’t work, then Marvel had a big problem with The Avengers. Thankfully, these films turned out more than just OK, but more on that later. The feat that Marvel seemed to have pulled off here is really quite staggering. A five film build up to a film that could be one of the most ambitious films ever undertaken. I think that all the heroes have worked very well on their own, but how are they going to work together? It’s a question that I will have to leave hanging for now, but it shall be answered very soon. So without further delay, lets crack on with the God of Thunder, The Mighty Thor…


A bit of a change this, not only in tone, but for the Marvel Universe as a whole. Thor widens the scope of The Marvel Universe, and introduces a less technological, more mystical force. I love Thor, I think Brannagh hit the nail directly on the head, and knocked it right out of the park. On paper, and outside of comic books, Thor is not an easy character to realise. How would a Norse God fit in with genetic monsters and super advanced weapon suits? Quite well as it happens. Brannagh treats the subject seriously, but with a healthy dose of humour, and everything works out great. Chris Hemmesworth is immense as Thor, that guy put in some serious gym time, but he is able to portray Thor’s early arrogance, and also his later more humble nature. The supporting cast are also excellent, Loki in particular is a worthy villain, and played excellently by Tom Hiddleston. Natalie Portman looks like she is very much in awe of Hemmesworth, that’s either some awesome acting, or she was genuinely knocked out by Hemmesworth’s abs.


The story goes a little like this. Thor is about to be crowned Lord of Asguard, so his Father, Odin, played by the awesome Anthony Hopkins, can complete his Odinsleep. The ceremony however is interrupted by Frost Giants, trying to steal back a relic Odin took from their leader ages ago. Easily defeated by the guardian of the relic room the Destroyer. Odin is satisfied that nothing more should be done. Thor is of a different opinion. Gathering his brother Loki, the warriors three and Lady Sif, Thor travels to Jordenheim to face the Frost Giants. Things don’t go too well, and Odin has to save them, but afterwards, banishes Thor to Earth powerless, in order to teach his son a lesson.


Thor manages to crash land into Natalie Portman’s science team, and then the adventure continues on Earth and Asgaurd, with Loki taking the throne, and Thor trying to find some humility in order to regain his powers, by lifting up his mighty hammer Mjolnir. A smackdown with Loki at the end is suitably epic, and sets up The Avengers pretty directly. Stan Lee cameo this time features the great man trying to drag Mjolnir with his truck, less than successfully. He isn’t the only cameo however, as we also are introduced to Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye, one of our Avenger team. Coulson is also present and an after credits scene involving Loki, Nic Fury and a Cosmic Cube is a nice little tease for both The Avengers, and our next movie. I wonder where that Cosmic Cube came from? Hmm.

Thor is an excellent film. Probably my Third favourite Marvel movie, but that just speaks to the quality of the films thus far. My favourite Marvel Film just happens to be next, so lets jump to it, these films aren’t watching themselves…


Love, love, love, this film. If it wasn’t for a certain Dark Knight who frequents the nastier parts of Gotham City, this would be my favourite superhero film. I love the period setting, love Chris Evans in the role. The costume, and how it is slowly put together is a thing of beauty. I love that we have the USO Show bits, and most of all, I love the character of Steve Rogers. Peerless in honour, and as a man, what makes Cap so interesting is that, in a team with a Norse God, a Hulk and an arrogant playboy Billionaire, he is very much the right choice to lead them. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Lets start at the beginning.


Steve Rogers is a tiny guy, with health problems, who wants nothing more than to join the fight against the Nazis. His health prevents him from enlisting numerous times, until a chance meeting with a scientist, now working for the American Government, after escaping the Nazi regime, changes Steve Rogers life forever. It turns out this scientist, Dr. Abraham Erskine, has developed a super soldier serum, and although it has been used before, for the wrong reasons, resulting in Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull, Steve Rogers is chosen as the test subject after a few months of training. Tommy Lee Jones is his commander, sexily aided by the lovely Hayley Atwell as a love interest. Rogers is given the serum, transforming him into Captain America, but a spy of HYDRA, kills out scientist, and it is decided that Steve is too important to risk his life in war, and is best used as a Promotional device. USO Shows beckon, until one day, Steve has had enough. He wants action, and when he learns that his best friend has been captured, along with a whole regiment, he, along with ………. and Howard Star, (that name sounds familiar), mounts a rescue operation.


Captain America becomes a great hero of the war, winning many battles, before a final showdown with Red Skull himself on a HYDRA bomber headed to America. A  defeated Red Skull is sucked into another dimension, which looks a lot like some scenes from Thor, and Cap is left to down the plane in the Arctic, saying goodbye to his love Peggy Carter. How sad. Of course, this isn’t the end of the tale. Howard Stark manages to find the source of HYDRAS power, a Cosmic Cube, but cannot find the downed plane. However, 70 years later, a metal structure is found in the Arctic, along with a mysterious red, white and blue shield. Cap wakes up in modern day New York, confused, dazed, and more than a little heartbroken that he never got to make the date with Hayley Atwell, more than understandable, I think you will agree. Nic Fury enlists Cap for a new project he is working on, and the rest, well we shall see. Oh Stan Lee cameo? He appears as a general at a ceremony, and our after credits treat is a teaser for The Avengers.


Captain America is a fantastic film. I think Joe Johnston is one of the most under appreciated directors working in Hollywood today. His films are always worth watching. I initially thought that casting The Human Torch as Captain America was a mistake, but Chris Evans is excellent in this. He really brings the heart and soul of Cap to life. I literally can’t wait until I get to see The Avengers, in the next few days. Early word has been positive, and after such a line of quality films, Marvel surely can not drop the ball now? I will be watching The Avengers on 28th April, a Saturday, that’s like tomorrow. I can’t wait, I am so excited. Avenging April now comes to a close, it’s been fun people, I hope you have had as good a time reading these articles, as I have writing them. I hope you all enjoy The Avengers when you go and watch it. I hope I will too. Let me know what you have thought about these Avenging April Articles, and how you found The Avengers. See you in May, Hmsbeefnuts out.

Movie of the Month – April 2012

 By Geeky Gem and Hmsbeefnuts


As you know it is a new month, which here at All Geek to Me can mean only one thing. That I have to pick a film that will be better than Hmsbeefnuts movie last month and take part in his game, that he makes up the rules for and doesn’t tell me.

Now usually the picking of Movie of the Month leaves me pondering what I should pick, however this month has been the easiest choice I have ever had to make. Fans of this certain genre will know that this movie has been a long time in the making and in case you missed that nice shiny banner at the top of the page then you’re stupid. No, no I kid, not stupid just….well yes you’re stupid. That’s right folk’s this month’s movie that we here at All Geek can’t wait to see is The Avengers.

Before I go into why we should go watch this frankly beautiful looking movie I have to get something of my chest. You may have noticed that I called it The Avengers, now if you live here in UK and have been to a cinema in the last few weeks you may have noticed that The Avengers has gone through a name change. It is now called and this is only in UK mind Avengers Assemble, now I refuse to call it this and so do many of my friends, the reason for the change was that we folk here in the UK may confuse it with a television programme that was aired here many moons ago called The Avengers, some of us may even recall a film based on said show starring Sean Connery. Seen as this change has been made we have to live with it, but it doesn’t mean we have to like. Moving on, as thinking about this just makes me cry.

As we know all The Avengers have pretty much had an origin story movie leading up to this point where they now team up to save the world from evil. All kinds of evil and they have a Hulk, come on who’s going to win. Nick Fury and the international agency S.H.I.E.L.D. bring together a team of super humans to form The Avengers to help save the Earth from Loki & his army. To be honest this movie looks amazing and I really hope it is as I, as many of us have waited a long time to see. Let’s just hope Mr Wheadon has got it right, so here for your viewing pleasure, I hope you have tissues as you may cry at its beauty is The Avengers trailer.

Now remember The Avengers hits screen’s in the UK on April 27th, put it on your calendar, go do it now. 

Geeky Gem 

Last month, I picked John Carter as our All Geek To Me Movie of the Month, and despite Disney and the US audience not really giving two shits about it, I still maintain that not only is John Carter clearly the best movie in March, but it will be one of the best Movies this year. GO SEE IT. Right, enough of that, it’s time for this month, and April presents a bit of a problem to be honest, at least for me. Geeky Gem above has outlined why April is one of the biggest geek months this year, and I’m finding it very hard to actually do my job and pick an alternative pick. Umm…. well… fuck it, I’m just gona back The Avengers as well. Why not? There are no firm rules, and you can’t make me choose something else.


If things were different and I was forced to make a choice I would recommend that, if The Avengers isn’t for you, and if you don’t like going to the movies, may I suggest that the movie of the month may be 10 or 12 hours long, and broken up weekly. I am of course talking about Game of Thrones. I’ve recently re-watched the first season on Blu-ray, and it is by far the greatest TV show I have ever seen. I can’t wait for season 2 to start, it’s going to be epic.


OK for basic professionalism I will attempt to outline a few choices. So here we go… Friday 13th brings us Lockout and Cabin in The Woods. Both look interesting especially Cabin n the Woods. I’m not a Whedon Fan, more on that later, but this looks fun. Friday 20th brings us, according to this list I have Battleship and Jeff Who Lives At Home, both very different. Battleship looks like Battle: Los Angeles at Sea, but that may not be such a bad thing, the mighty Liam Neeson is in it after all. Jeff could be a nice little indie comedy, fingers crossed. That’s it for April really, looks quite interesting. However, I don’t think I can endorse any other film then… 27th April’s The Avengers.


I have been looking forward to The Avengers since Iron Man. But I have my worries. I don’t like being negative to something I haven’t seen, but I really don’t like Joss Whedon. I hated Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Serenity. They just aren’t for me. I can see why people would like them, but, I just don’t click with it. However, The Avengers has looked great since the very first trailer, and I have been told that Whedon’s comic runs on Marvel properties are excellent, so surely this will be the film of the year so far? Whedon writes a lot of smart and sharp dialogue, and no one does this better than Downey Jnr. I can’t wait to see how these guys are gona fit together. Captain America is my personal favourite Avenger, and I can’t wait to see how this man out of time fits in with a playboy billionaire, a God, a troubled scientist and the rest. Sparks will fly, and I really can not wait to see this movie. For the first, but probably not the last time, All Geek To Me is behind one movie for a month. It has to be The Avengers, Make Mine Marvel!


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