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By Geeky Gem

Many years ago a man named Ian Fleming sat down and wrote a book about a secret agent. This agents name was Bond, James Bond and he has become one of the most famous character to ever grace the pages of a book and in fact the silver screen, with Skyfall having just come out I thought I would I would bring you some trivia on the frist of Daniel Craig’s adventures as Bond. Casino Royale, so grab your drinks make sure its shaken not stirred and join me now.

Second official EON Productions James Bond movie to feature a casino in the Bahamas. The first was Thunderball.

James Bond’s letter of resignation via the Mi6 intelligence intranet read: “M – I hereby tender my resignation with immediate effect. Sincerely, James Bond”. This is the third James Bond movie where James Bond has resigned. The first was On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and the second was Licence to Kill. In the latter, his license to kill was revoked and in Die Another Day he was temporarily decommissioned.

Daniel Craig is the first actor to play James Bond who is younger than the series itself.

Le Chiffre is a French word which translates into English as either “The Cypher” or “The Number” or “The Figure”. Other translations in different languages include “Die Nummer”, “Herr Ziffer”, “Mr. Number” and “Ochiu Spart”, the latter of which is from the Romanian language meaning “Smashed Eye”.

This is the first film since Dr. No where there were no nude dancing females during the opening title sequence.

First significant animated opening title sequence in a James Bond movie since the 1960s.

The Free Running / Parkour sequence was inspired by an edited-out roof-top chase sequence from the earlier James Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Quantum of Solace, this movie’s direct follow-up, actually contains a real roof-top chase sequence. As such now, both movies reference On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Most of the cars seen in the movie are made by Ford Motor Company. In the scene where Bond acts as a valet the cars in the parking lot are Land Rovers, Volvos, Jaguars and other Ford Motor Company’s cars.

The climatic Venice sinking sequence took three weeks of filming with an average of nine hours per day.

The inclusion of the scene at the Body Worlds exhibit means that this is the first Bond movie where actual corpses are shown on screen.
Now wasnt that Bondtastic, see you next week for more trivia.

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