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Autumn of Terror: Spooky Anime

By Caelrona

Hiya all! Caelrona here, and it’s that month – you know, October. The month of my favorite holiday, Halloween; the month of Pumpkin-flavored everything; and the best month for watching scary stuff. It’s sort of this unspoken tradition my friends and I have; Every Halloween we get together and watch scary/gory/horror stuff and eat junk food. It usually ends in at least one of us scared out of our socks, with the others ribbing said scaredy-cat for being such a puss. Usually we just watch random things, however this Halloween I’ve made it my duty to make it an animated horror-fest. I thought I’d share some of the animated spooky fun I’ve come across with ya’ll. On to the anime!


KaKuRenBo, or KaKuRenBo : Hide and Seek as it is known in English was released in 2004 in Japan and 2005 in America. It was produced by Shuuhei Morita and distributed by Central Park Media in the USA or YamatoWorks in Japan. It has a runtime of 25 minutes, which is about as long as an average anime episode; however KaKuRenBo is a self-contained short movie.

KaKuRenBo follows a young boy named Hikkora who joins in a game of Otokoyo to search for his missing sister, a girl name Sorincha. Otokoyo is a game of hide and seek, which is played after dark whilst wearing Kitsune (fox) masks. It is played near abandoned ruins, and the players of this game disappear – never to be seen again. This is because they play their game of Hide and Seek while being followed by several Demons. Children who are caught by the demons are spirited away. Hikkora manages to win his game of Otokoyo only to find out that those who disappear stay that way.

KaKuRenBo is a cute little anime. You find yourself worried for the characters, and sad when they inevitably get taken. It is rather dark, and while the content itself isn’t particularly terrified, I think that kids might get scared by the idea of it, so I wouldn’t allow easily spooked children to watch this. For adults it is a very interesting bit of anime.

Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D was released in 1985. It was directed by Toyoo Ashida and released by too many companies to count; but most recently by Entertainment. It has a runtime of 80minutes, making it just about an hour and a half of dark fun.

Vampire Hunter D is a dark, brooding sort of anime. It is based on a series of illustrated Japanese novels of the same name, although fans will note the differences between the two. The story begins as our heroine, Doris, is visited by the long-lost vampire Count Magnus Lee who intends to take her as a bride. To defend herself, she ends up hiring our hero, a Vampire Hunter simply named ‘D.’ D quickly becomes embroiled in quite the fiasco, for it isn’t only the Count who wants young Doris. D must rescue her, her young brother and defeat an ancient Vampire Count. It is a good thing that D has a few secrets of his own.

Vampire Hunter D is a cult classic of anime films. If you haven’t seen it.. have you been living under a rock?!? I saw this when I was 9 or 10, as it came on TV randomly and I was all “OOOH.” Fans of the novels might not like the movie because it is not a set adaptation of the novels. However as a stand-alone movie it is quite good. Probably not for kiddies, but anyone mature enough to handle some gore should be good to go.

Blood: The Last Vampire

Blood: The Last Vampire was released in 2000 and produced by Production I.G. It is currently licensed for release by Manga Entertainment. It has a very short run-time of 50 minutes, although it maintains itself as a full animated movie.

Blood: The Last Vampire centers around a young girl named Saya. Despite her young looks, Saya is far more deadly than she seems. With help from an organization known as Red Shield, Saya hunts vampires. Specifically, she hunts Chiropterans, or mutant vampires who can make themselves look human, for there is only one true vampire left in the world – her. The story takes her to the American Yokota Air Base, where Chiropterans have been slaughtering humans. It is her job to take them out – without letting the humans know what is going on.

Gems already mention the prequel anime to this movie that came out some time later. I’ve not watched that, although it looks fairly good. I can tell you, however, that this movie is grand. Short, not much story development, but plenty of chiropteran killing going on. I wouldn’t really consider this scary; but the gore and darkness of the story alone get Halloween mention.

I Luv Halloween

I Luv Halloween was released in 2007 and produced by Menfond Electronics. It was licensed and released by Tokyopop. I can’t seem to find a runtime ANYWHERE for this, so if you want to give it a go then let me know!

I Luv Halloween follows the story of a group of children and their manic, crazy, deadly fun on Halloween. The leader of the group, Finch, has a difficult time keeping everyone in line; particularly his baby sister Moochie, who happens to be a homicidal maniac. Amongst their group there is also Devil Lad, who only ever appears on Halloween to join the fun; Pig Pig, a very.. simple young lad; Mr. Kitty, a perverted rascal; and Spike, Mr. Kitty’s mostly silent younger brother. Their misadventures on Halloween are quite the enjoyable romp.

Not gunna lie here, I read the manga. I actually haven’t been able to find the anime version of this anywhere, except bits on youtube. Even google doesn’t turn up much except for the Manga – it seems the entire internets is trying to strike this anime from the annals of history. I was not really impressed with the anime I did see, so instead I suggest you find the manga. It is adorable. Less ErMahGerdMyEyes and more depraved Calvin and Hobbes. If you’re in to that sort of this, then give it a go. It’s always fun watching cute cherubic kiddies commit murder, right? Or maybe there’s something wrong with me… anyway!

That finishes up my Halloween anime. I was sort of sad to find that there really isn’t much in the way of Halloween anime – seriously people, someone needs to mend this egregious error. I want, nay I demand more Halloween anime! Maybe we should start a petition? Who’ll sign? Anyway, all joking aside, enjoy yourself some spooky anime, and have a Happy Halloween!

Until next time;

Caelrona – signing off! ❤

Autumn of Terror: My Favourite Monsters Part 2

By @hmsbeefnuts

Yesterday I brought you part one of a two part blog about my favourite versions of all the classic monsters. Well guess what? Here is part two, so you know the deal, here comes some more monsters that I love, and some more honourable mentions that I love almost, but not quite, as much. Part One can be found here. Part Two starts…. Now.


Zombies really don’t have that much in the name of variety. You have your standard undead, raised by magic, meteorites or simply if Hell is full with souls, and your voodoo type slave zombies. I happen to like the undead type, and what better, more horrible zombies than the Nazi variety. Call of Duty is a great game and the zombie mode is always fun. The scary thing about zombies is that on there own, they can be quite manageable, it is only when there are a crowd that things become a problem. When that crowd comes running screaming towards you, dressed like nazis, shit has really hit the fan, all one can hope is the magic box grants you a ray gun…


Little girl rage zombies, well that is just scary as shit right?


Responsible for more children’s nightmares than any other monster on this list, The Wicked Witch of the West is the perfect embodiment of evilness. Green skin, perfect witchy outfit, broom stick, hatred of children and general goodness, and if that’s not enough, she has flying blue monkey soldiers, and it doesnt get more evil than that.


The head witch is very scary. That moment when she takes her face off, absolutely terrifying, and she looks grotesque. Imagine waking up to that? No thanks.


I like my Mummies wrapped in bandages and the Hammer mummy looks creepiest to me. Boris Karloff may be one of my favourite horror actors, but then so is Christopher Lee, and his eyes are way creepier than the Universal Mummy.


If Karloff had stayed in the bandages all the way through the film, he would have been my ultimate choice, however, he doesn’t and is quickly portrayed as a Dracula type figure. Love that black and white picture though.


I have always loved this look for Mr. Hyde. Very simian looking, very primal, and a brilliant transformation scene. It has to be this version of Hyde, it is the greatest.


Forget the film, the comic version of this Mr  Hyde is king. The way he deals with the invisable man alone proves this.


Lon Chaney Snr. old school make up job, say no more.


Bela Lugosi played an evil hunchback assisstant in Son of Frankenstein, almost the best.

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