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By Geeky Gem

Movie Pick by Hmsbeefnuts

This month’s trvia will be a little different from past months, seen as its December I have asked each member of the All Geek team to pick their favourite Christmas movie and I will do trivia about that movie. This week we start with Hmsbeefnuts’ pick.

When this screenplay first emerged in 1993, Jim Carrey was attached to star in the lead.

Terry Zwigoff was offered a chance to direct the film, but turned it down.
Near the end, when Santa is showing Michael his nice list, all of the people on Santa’s list worked on the movie
The scene where the fake Santa is chasing Buddy had to be done in one take because it was too hard to rebuild everything.
The elf Ming Ming, who appears briefly in the beginning of the film, is played by Peter Billingsley, who starred as Ralphie Parker in the classic holiday film A Christmas Story.
Buddy’s 12-second belch was supplied by voice actor Maurice LaMarche, best-known for his cartoon character, “The Brain”, from Pinky and the Brain, and who also did the operatic belching in Animaniacs as “The Great Wakarotti”. LaMarche also worked with Will Ferrell on the animated series, The Oblongs.
When Buddy goes to Gimbels to ask Jovie out on a date the song we hear playing over the loudspeaker is “Christmas Island” sung by Leon Redbone. Redbone also provided the voice of Leon the snowman at the North Pole.
The brief TV news clip showing Buddy walking in Central Park (just before Buddy’s dad and brother find him), and the still picture of Buddy in the news clip, closely mimic the famous 1967 film of an alleged Bigfoot (“Patty”) taken by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin.
The sound effect used by the jack-in-the-box is the same sound effect used by the laughing hyenas at the Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Orlando, Fl.
Will Ferrell caused several minor traffic accidents when walking through the Lincoln Tunnel in his costume because people were so surprised to see him wearing an elf outfit.
There we have it for Hmsbeefnuts pick, join me next week for another Christmas related trivia.


By @Hmfsbeefnuts and Geeky Gem

So another month flies by, and we are already in September. Crazy times. It will be Christmas before you know it, and I love Christmas, at least I used to. I’ve had 3 shitty Christmases in a row, so this year, I’m planning to have a great old time. Anyway, enough about my festive plans, and onwards to movie of the month! There have been some great comedies this year, I have enjoyed Wanderlust, Ted, 21 Jump Street and even had a some time for the Dictator. I have yet to see The Watch, but it looks like it might be worth your time too, however, this months Movie of the Month is going to be a comedy that looks like an under the radar gem.

The Campaign brings Will Ferrel into direct conflict with Zack Galifinackis, and it looks like this meeting of comedy minds has produced a rather hilarious film. No film in which a grown man punches a small child can be a bad thing, I refuse to believe it. Check out the trailer below, I’m hoping that this film will be a classic on the level of Anchorman or Hotrod. Now I know it probably won’t be that good, but it might be as good as Blades of Glory, and that will be good enough. Of course it might be shit, but then, you have to take a punt on these things don’t you?


I’m not going to lie to you but this month has been really hard to find a movie I wanted to pick for my choice. Beefnuts has already told you about his movie pick for this month and I have to pick the other movie I think you should see, its been a tough one I can tell you that. There is very little out this month making the pickings rather slim to say the least.

 However I have manged to pick a movie I think you should give a go and that is Dredd.

In a violent, futuristic city where the police have the authority to act as judge, jury and executioner, a cop teams with a trainee to take down a gang that deals the reality-altering drug, SLO-MO. With Karl Urban taking on Dredd this looks to be a good bit of movie fair. I will tell you no more but leave you to watch the trailer and see for yourself.

Geeky Gem

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