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Page Vs Picture

By Geeky Gem

Over this past year I have told you how I feel about movies that were once books. Now I know I have spent nearly all of these telling you about Harry Potter and as much as I would like to say this one will be different it won’t. However it will be the last time we visit the boy wizard and his friends as we enter Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In this blog I will cover the book and the two movies that came from it so when I give my score at the end I am looking at both part one and two as one epic movie.

This was J.K Rowlings last tale of the boy wizard and she finally let it go with a bang, I waited for this book for ages and got it the day it came out and as usual vanished for a few hours. I now have all the books displayed on my book shelf and I am just re-reading them now, I am currently on Goblet of Fire. Any way the thing about this book is the epicness of it, this is where we find out which one can live while the one dies. Harry and his friends are on a mission to find the remaining Horcruxes and break Lord Voldemort down piece by terrifying piece. The only thing that got to me while reading this book was that for a good chunk of it it’s just Harry and his friends on a camping trip and I know you had to go through this in oder to get to really good stuff and believe it was worth the wait. This book answer’s all the question that have been building up, you followed Harry and his friends for years and this will bring everything to an end and I think J.K Rowling finishes the series in the perfect way.

The way the book flows is fantastic, you just go on the adventure with them hoping that they will be able to defeat Lord Voldemort. After all that is the big question Can Harry Beat him?

If you have never read these books at all then you really have to, it’s not just hype they really are good books and well worth losing a few hours too, Just ask my cousin u until this year she had never read them and had only seen the movies, she too like me is rereading them. Time to move on to the movies then.

Now with the movies Warner Brothers decided to spilt it into two-part and now this seems the norm, for big book adaptations with a few movies following suit. The director was the same for both movies as was the writer. David Yates and Steve Kloves team up to take on the final chapters of Rowling’s books. From The Gringotts Wizarding Bank raid to the epic Battle of Hogwarts.

These two movies back to back make for one great conclusion of Harry’s big screen adventure and the did a brilliant job. This isn’t because they have an epic looking Dragon in te movie oh no this is because they took Rowling’s words and ran with them, ever part was something new. From the calmness of Bill and Fleur’s wedding to the one of the biggest on scene fights I have ever seen, that’s right Mrs Weasley vs Bellatrix. Oh did you think I meant Harry vs Voldemort? Will i guess that was a big fight, wasnt it?

My favorite part is when Professor McGonagall tells Seamus and Neville they can blow up the bridge into Hogwarts its was brilliant and played out so will and there were just so many goods points throughout the two movie run. Plus it has a dragon, did I mention that? Oh I did. If you havent seen any of movies then please watch them even if you never pick up the book you will enjoy the story that unfolds.

Well I guess we better answer the question that I try to answer all the time was the book better than the movie. Now as it stands Book is winning 4 – 2. That being said I think this time I will award the point to, the movie. I just think it did ever thing right, that’s not to say the book wasn’t fantastic it was but the movie just had ever thing I had in my head when I read the book there on the screen. Well done movie you finally pulled one back and the score is now Book 4 – Movie 3.

Join me again soon for anther page vs picture where I will finally move away from HArry Potter and on to another hot bit of Hollywood property.

Untill next time Happy reading and watching.

Page vs Picture

By Geeky Gem 

For this weeks Book vs. Film, we are heading back to Hogwarts, only this time, it’s to deal with an escaped prisoner. Yes folks it’s time to take a trip though Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the third book in J.K Rowling’s series.


Ready? Here we go. We start this book, as always on Harry’s birthday. He is turning Thirteen, and besides the fact he is a wizard, things are about to get a whole lot more complicated for our young friend. This year, Harry will have to find out what an escaped prisoner, from the Wizard prison of Azkaban, has against him. The staff, again, will change, with the arrival of Professor , who hides a secret too. Harry also takes up some new subject’s, as he starts to study for his O.W.L’s, and just how is Hermione managing to be in what seems like two places at once? All this and more is answered in this fantastic book.


Prisoner of Azkaban is one of, if not my, favorite book in the series. Again this was another book that I just couldn’t put down. It was brilliant from start to finish, and I thought the addition of Lupin and Black brought more to the Potterverse than the other two books. You finally start to piece the bits together in this book, and Harry’s past gets richer and darker. The back story really starts to take off here, as we learn more about Black, and why he wants to be so close to Harry. The detail that Rowling shows in this book, and the others, is just plain brilliant, and I know that this is a bad reason to like something, but when you find out a bit more about the magic of the Whomping Willow, I couldn’t help but giggle. I love that tree. Like I said this book is just so much richer, and feeds you information that you know will have repercussions later on.


On to the film. It came out in 2004, again Steve Kloves wrote the screen play, however, this time, there was a change of director, and Alfonso Cuaron takes over.

I think Cuaron’s take on the Harry Potter world is really good. He makes Harry dark and this sets up the rest of films. He also makes some changes to locations. He moves Hagrid’s Hut further from the school. To where I always imagined it should be. He also introduces the long bridge that becomes a focal point in the Battle of Hogwarts. Other additions to this film are some new characters, and a cast change of another.

Shall we do the cast change first? After the late, great Richard Harris passed away, the big question was, who will play Dumbledore? This question was answered in the form of Michael Gambon. Who I think was brilliant replacement, it’s just a shame that Richard Harris couldn’t see the series though. Not that this makes Gambon’s Dumbledore, any less loved.

Guess what? There is a new teacher, that seems to happen a lot in Hogwarts. Kind of like new school year, new Defence against the Dark Arts teacher. This year, it is Professor Remus Lupin played by David Thewlis. However Lupin has a secret….oh wait I already told you that. He’s a werewolf and although I like werewolves, and normally enjoy a good werewolf, the CGI for this lycanthrope is not so good, and that’s being nice.

The other new character to make an appearance in this film, one that will have a big impact on Harry, is of course Sirius Black. Harry’s Godfather has wanted nothing more than to clear his name, and avenge James and Lily Potter. He also hopes to have a relationship with Harry. Sirius is played by the fantastic Gary Oldman. Sirius is one of my favourite characters in the book. I think he’s what the series needed. Harry needed to know he had other family out there, and that the Dursleys weren’t all he was left with. Oldman plays Sirius perfectly.

Along with all these new additions, the film is brilliant and I am not going to say it isn’t. In regards to the series as a whole, this is, in fact, one of my favourites. However, we must once again answer the question we came here to answer, is the book better then the film?

Well I had to think long and hard about this one. There was a lot to take into account. I love them both for different reasons. The one thing I think lets the film down is the CGI werewolf, which is bad, because the CGI work on Buckbeak is brilliant. It’s almost as if Lupin in wolf form was an afterthought. With that being said, and please understand there are other reasons for my choice, I have to say as for Prisoner of Azkaban, I pick the book. Yes people I have gone for the book. That puts the score at Book 1 – Film 2. So until we meet again, happy reading and happy watching.

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