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 By Kirkie Chick

Introduction By Geeky Gem

A long time ago, in a cinema far, far away, worked two young women. They bonded over their mutual love for films and Doctor Who. For a long time, one of them thought the others name was Felicity, a matter that was not corrected, until the uniforms at said cinema, changed, and they got new badges. Thus the friendship between Geeky Gem and Kirkie Chick began.

Kirkie Chick hails from the City of Worcester, famous for…. well…. the sauce really. Geeky Gem and her bonded one day in work, whilst looking at the Doctor Who exhibition, upon which, Geeky Gem remarked, that it had once been free and now it wasn’t. Kirkie chick, shocked that she had found someone else who liked Doctor Who, was overjoyed and they became fast friends. They would even spend time out side of work together.

Then one sad and faithful day, Geeky Gem left the world of the cinema for a different job. However, she was told by Kirkie Chick that they would always be friends, and they still are. One day, Geeky Gem told Kirkie Chick, that she was working on a website with fellow geek and friend Hmsbeefnuts. They decided that Kirkie Chick should be a part of this new venture, and All Geek To Me was born.

Now you have met Hmsbeefnuts and Geeky Gem through their writing, but we have yet to hear from the mysterious Kirkie Chick. So, without further ado, may I introduce to you, in her first All Geek To Me article, the wonderful, Kirkie Chick.

Gaming for Girls

What is the stereotypical image of the gamer? A guy in a band t-shirt, glasses and long hair? This is the 21st Century, surely that image is gone and girls can be considered gamers? It does still seem a male domain in gaming.

I grew up being the little sister who watched as her brother hogged the television for his game console. I remember countless hours of Grand Theft Auto, just waiting for the chance to have a go.

                My own love of gaming progressed from DS games. I enjoy playing the Lego games. It took me a week to complete 100% Harry Potter Lego Years 1-4. Batman and Indiana Jones have been a bit trickier to play.

                I thought I would take the plunge and choose between a PS3 or an XBOX. Which one would I choose? I went for XBOX. I have enjoyed playing Batman Arkham Asylum (I will start on Arkham City). Yes, I sometimes have to use a walkthrough. I hang my head in shame.

                I am currently playing LA Noire after spending a lot of gaming hours on Batman Arkham Asylum. These two games are different. One is a platformer the other tells more of a story and you have to answer questions and use intuition. In the past I haven’t faired well on platform games. Apparently I am a button basher. I have got better at them over time. I know I won’t ever be amazing at them, but just enough to get by and complete the game. Out of the two I like LA Noire more. I think that is because I like the story telling element to it better than it is done in Asylum.

                I have now also had a go on Batman Arkham City. I really am enjoying what I have played so far on it. There is less of a structure to the game than with Asylum. You have a whole city to explore. I haven’t played enough to know if I’ll get stuck yet. Let’s just say I haven’t consulted a walkthough yet. Some people may seem it as cheating a bit. I see it as a little helping hand when stuck on the same part for hours on end.

                In my game choices I am not a girly girl. I do like to bash up a couple of bad guys or investigate the gruesome site of a crime scene. So next time I will let you know how I get on with Arkham City and if I get to complete LA Noire.

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