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My Top 5 Zombies

By @GeekyGem



This may seem like an odd subject matter, but if you know anything about me, and by now I hope you do, you’ll know that I like zombies a lot. This brings US to the article right here. I didn’t want to do the top 5 zombie movies I wanted to do the top 5 zombies. As zombies themselves, they always get picked for being the big bad in movie’s and TV. However, they used to be people, and it’s not their fault they got a virus and bit the next person they saw. So here are my top 5 zombies.


Ed from Shaun of The Dead

Poor Ed, he tired so hard to save Shaun in the movie, yes OK he was lazy bum, but when it came down to it, he had Shaun and Liz’s back at the end of the movie. This meant a lot to Shaun and that’s why he brought him home and locked him in the shed with the Playstation.

Bicycle Zombie from The Walking Dead

Now this poor Zombie was one of the first Rick comes across while on his way home after waking up from his coma in Season 1. Not only is this a zombie, its only half a zombie as its legs have been chopped up, she still wants Rick for lunch though.

Vivian from Dawn of the Dead (2004)


I have a thing about creepy kids in movies, they bother me. So add a zombie child in the mix and the creep level grows. Zombies do not freak me, out I am not scared easily, I just find children in horror movie’s creepy. Anyway zombie children are even more creepy as they have lost all the innocence they ever had.

Rain Ocampo from Resident Evil

Rain was a gun happy solider until that faithful day when she and the other members of her team went in to investigate The Hive. Well we always knew not every one would make it out alive didn’t we? Even though Alice tired to save her by shutting the Red Queen up this did not stop the T-Virus turning Rain into one of zombies.

 Bub from Day of the Dead (1985)

Bub, well where do we start with Bub. He has to be on the list right as he wasn’t just a mindless flesh hungry creature. Bub was smart, he was able to learn things and this was a rare quality in a zombie seen at the time. He has this innocence all over again just like a child. Bub rocks simple.

There we have my Top 5 favourite zombies. I think I have picked some interesting ones there. I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time, hope you don’t come across a zombie, if you do RUN and hide. I’ll see you on the other side.

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