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The movie for this weeks trivia is a bit of an odd one as I have never seen it but seen as this date is upon us I thought it would fit well.

Halle Berry was cast but dropped out and was replaced by Katherine Heigl. Berry dropped out due to custody battle with her ex-partner. After the custody was resolved, Berry was recast in the movie, but in another role.

Announced as some kind of continuation for Garry Marshall’s holiday themed Valentine’s Day, the project evolved into a different entity, recasting some of the protagonists in different roles.

Penélope Cruz auditioned for a role.

Shiloh Fernandez auditioned for the role of Paul, but lost out to Zac Efron.

Juliette Binoche turned down the role of Ingrid.

Shipped to theaters under the code name “Last Romance”.

Ashton Kutcher and Zac Efron portray best friends in this film, and while we see Zac’s character talking with him over the phone many times, they do not share any scenes together.

After White Oleander, this is the second time Michelle Pfeiffer plays a character named Ingrid.

Garry Marshall’s regular cameo’s include his daughter, Kathleen Marshall; his sister, Penny Marshall; Hector Elizondo; Larry Miller; and Joel McCrary.

This will be the eighth film in which actor Cary Elwes plays a doctor.

Well that’s brings my last trivia of 2012 to an end, I hope you have enjoyed all that I have given you. Join me next year from more movie treats.

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