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Happy Birthday!


As you can tell from the lovely picture above today is our birthday. On this day one year ago two friends decided to bring the world their own brand of geekyness.

Since that day in 2012 we have grown, we have had new writers join us, we added new pages and have so far had over 70,000 views. this is less a post about us bt more a post about you. the good folk of the world that come and visit our site.

Thank you all if you have read a blog by any of us, made a comment or just popped over to look at Hmsbeefnuts pictures of girl’s he like’s off the telly.

With that said a huge thank you to you all from all of us here at All Geek To Me and here’s to another year.

From Hmsbeefnuts, Geeky Gem, Kirkie Chick and Caelrona.

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