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Dear 1982,

I am not very good at getting my feelings down on a paper. I am a shy girl by nature. But oh 1982 I just had to write and let you know, that thanks to you I have met the love of life.

Yes I know that this information may be hard for you to hear, I mean I know you had a lot of other good films come out in your 12 month run, but there was one that has just meant so much to me and makes me feel all giddy whenever I see it. I know E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial was a huge film for you, as was The Dark Crystal. I don’t want you to take this the wrong way I love those films too but in different ways.

I am sorry you had to hear it this way, but my love will always be with Tron, yes that odd film with the computer programs and strange games on the grid.

It’s always been Tron even when I thought I loved The Matrix, which was kind of Tron in disguise. Tron just means so much to me, and nothing in this dark world will ever make me smile more than a light cycle race.

Yes, I know the original has not aged well, but what is age really. Its just a number, a number that can be ignored and mean nothing to me whenever I watch this film. I even replaced my DVD with the new format of Blu Ray so as to keep my love affair with Tron alive. However much you mean to me 1982, I will always remember you Tron and carry you fondly where ever I go. I must be true to my heart and run away with Tron. I know I wasn’t born when he first made it to the big screen, but what does that mater. I am leaving you 1982 so I can make a commitment to just one film for your year.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I am leaving with Tron on the light cycle, and I am not sure when I will return, say good bye to E.T and Dark Crystal for me I may be back for them one day.

 All my love,

 Geeky Gem

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