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By Geeky Gem

 For this weeks Book vs. Film, we are at Hogwarts again but this time there is tournament going on. Time to take a trip though Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the fourth book in J.K Rowling’s series.


Well as always we start with the book. This book marked the start of Harry Potter not only getting darker but longer. This book was a lot longer than the three books that came before it, and as always I could not put it down. However as I had bought the first four in one go, I was left thinking what will I do while I wait for the new one? Order of the Phoenix was yet to be published. That being said I tried to slow down how fast I was reading it. This plan did not work, and I finished it with ease.

Now to the quick round-up of the book, during the three previous novels, Harry Potter, has struggled with the difficulties that come with growing up and the added challenge of being a famous wizard. When in his third year at Hogwarts, Harry finds out what really happened to his parents and that he does have some family in the world, in the form of godfather Sirius Black. Harry goes back to school in his fourth year, just hoping he can make it through one school year with out anything going on.
However this is Harry we are talking about, when has he ever had a quite school year? This year Hogwarts is playing host to two other wizarding school as they hold the Triwizard Cup. The schools are Beauxbatons and Durmstang. A champion is chosen from each school to compete in three tasks and their performance is scored; at the conclusion, one champion is chosen as the victor, and given a thousand Galleons prize money. However, owing to the dangerous nature of the tournament, no one under seventeen years of age is allowed to enter. Yet some how Harry’s name not only ends up in the cup, but he is picked to take part. Will he make it out alive? We are also introduced to a new teacher called Mad-Eye Moody, again he becomes the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. He has some unorthodox teaching methods which causes controversy within the school, notably his use of Transfiguration as punishment and his lessons on the Unforgivable Curses.
 I really enjoyed this book, mostly because it did start to get darker and it sets up some fantastic character’s as well as plots that will all lead to the end of Harry Potter in the last book.

Well that’s the book done, time to move on to the movie.

Now for this movie came out in 2005 and it was all change, Mike Newell directed this instalment of the movie, marking the third director in the series. Steve Kloves stayed on to write the adaptation and it was produced by David Heyman.
As for the cast they all stay the same, with the addition of Brendan Gleeson as Professor Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody and David Tennant as Bartemius “Barty” Crouch Jr. Some of my favorite scenes involve these two actors, namely Mad-Eye’s unforgivable curses class and Barty’s transformation scene. The reason I like this movie is the Dragons, it always leads back to dragons for me anything with them in and I have to watch it. As I said before this marks Harry Potter getting darker, and marks the first time there is a visible death of a character on-screen.
While I sit here and think about the question I pose each time I write one of these, I seem to find it harder and harder to answer, but it must be done. Both the book and the movie are fantastic in their own ways, the book is darker and the movie has an excellent cast. 

This time shall it be book or shall it be the film that wins? For this round I think i have to go with the book, on the basis of the darker twist in the tail and some excellent new characters. That brings the score to Book 2 – Film 2. There we have it, until next time, happy watching and happy reading.


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