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As a kid I think most of us had collections. Peer pressure alone must have driven us to collect all sorts of cards, stickers and other pieces of tat, that were at the time, THE most important thing we had to do. Who didn’t spend play times saying ‘got, got, need, need, NEED DESPERATLEY!!’, and swapping their doubles, trying to get shinies, or silvers and attempting to get the best deal possible? Three months later of course, the collection didn’t mean very much, as there was something new to collect. But that was the fate of sticker and card collections, they were only ever temporary, a passing fad, that would be replaced by the next craze. There was a smell to stickers, an exciting few seconds before you could rip the packet open, then that smell hit you, as you rifled through them, seeing if you have a silver, or a need. Brilliant fun, and an absolutely genius marketing ploy. Below then are the stickers, cards and collectables that I umm, collected, lets see how many I can remember…


This was the collection that kicked them all off. I used to love Transformers, still do really, and what better way to express my love of giant robots kicking oil and energon out of each other, than collecting 300 odd stickers and sticking them in the correct order in an album? Well, I can’t think of a better way anyway, and I’ve been trying now for at least 30 seconds. My favourite and most prized stickers were my Starscream silver, and my Grimlock shiny, because, well, they both rocked the spot didn’t they. Fond memories indeed. I have lots of money now, well, more than £2 a week pocket money anyway, think how many packs of stickers I could buy… so many, so, so many. Shame I’m too old…or am I? Yes I am.


I have a horrible confession to make. When I was at the height of my WWF Card mania, I stole 2 packs of cards from my local shop. It was the only thing I ever stole, and I am ashamed of it to this day. So ashamed in fact, that I have just donated £5 to the WWF (the panda one). I’m sorry for my crime. Anyway, these cards were my true induction into the crazy world of the WWF. Everyone in school was collecting them, for seemingly ages. Then the stickers came out. My quest for shinies and silvers was renewed once more, and I’m pretty sure I managed to complete the whole sticker collection. My most prized possession? Ultimate Warrior Logo silver, so cool.


Oh TMHT, in the UK, we weren’t allowed Ninjas, but Heroes were fine. I loved those heroes in a half shell so much. The sticker collection was a must, but I also collected the silver coins, and was obsessed with the toys. I can remember my Dad lining up outside Woolworths at 6am in order to get me and my Brother some Turtle toys, what a hero. The stickers were once again everywhere, and where at one point banned from school as they would cause arguments. The stickers were based on the cartoon show and as usual, the silver and shiny stickers were worth their weight in gold, and then some. Sunday mornings went something like this. Go to the shop, buy some Turtle stickers, open the packs on the way home, decide what I needed and what would be swapped Monday, stick them in the album, and play Turtles the rest of the day. Times were simpler then, simpler and better.


Batman The Movie cards were responsible for me being grounded, the first time I was allowed out on my own, but I don’t blame them, they were too awesome. The story goes I had to be in at 7pm, yet so obsessed with swapping these cards with a friend at a local park was I, that I totally forgot the time, and my Mum came to find me. Oh dear. At least I could console myself with a fuller collection of cards. By the time the Batman craze ended, I had a huge, towering pile of cards, and had spent more than a few weeks pocket money on them, gone now of course, shame really.


I don’t really know that much about these little pink figures. All I know is that a few friends and I were absolutely obsessed with them for a few months in Junior School. I used to buy them in Woolworths (RIP), and they came in a clear plastic bin with about 10 figures in them. I’m not really sure what they were all about now, but I know that some of the Muscle Men were bizarre monsters and freaks, and we would furiously guard our rare ones, even though, I can’t recall how we worked out which ones were rare… Anyway, these were a bizarre curio that many of my friends would forget a few months later, such is the way with crazes.


I was a lot older when I became obsessed with The X-Files. It was a heady mix of monsters and sexual tension, that connected big time with my teenage self, oh, and Gillian Anderson was smoking hot too. I got into The X-Files in a huge way. I collected the magazine, I had a very stupid X-Files baseball cap, that I actually wore out once (I looked a right idiot), and I collected the cards. These were beautifully produced, high quality cards representing the TV show. The best cards however were really nice art works of individual episodes, really stunning looking. I have them somewhere, I will really have to dig them out sometime.

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  1. X-men cards… Every single one made…

    Patches of all sorts.

    Weet-Bix cards all of them.

    Phantom comics 1-2000

    Rocks, stone, gems.

  2. greeny on said:

    In my mums attic i have a old battered he man lunch box full of muscle men. many of these were ones i traded with you beefnuts.

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