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12 Movies of Christmas: Santa’s Ride

By Geeky Gem

Yes, I know Christmas is over and that Santa has packed his sleigh away for another year but it got me thinking what could Santa also use. I sat down and I had a think about what other vehicles Santa could use if he ever wanted to pack the sleigh away for good, so here is another good old list.

Kitt – Knight Rider

Now if Santa ever wanted to rock up and leave your present’s in style this would be the way to do it. Plus he good programme Kitt to tell him if the child at the house had been naughty or nice. Kitt is one of the coolest cars around, and he can talk whats not to like. Go on Santa give it go.

The Van – The A-Team

Now if Santa wanted a bit more room for his sack’s of present’s he would be better of with another 1980’s classic  The A-Team van. It can still pick up seed and has some guns should he come across a stick up or whatever. The Van could really work for him you know.

Batmobile – Batman

If Santa wanted something a bit more Hi-Tech he could always go with frankly awesome Batmobile, it has all the bells and whistles and not only that its fantastic looking. I mean come on who doesn’t want ones theses bad boys to drive around in.

Aladdin’s Magic Carpet – Aladdin

I guess this more of topless vehicle and I am not sure Santa would want to be out in the open in the night’s air in late December. However I guess he could just wear layers and that would keep him warm.

Bumblebee – Transformers

This was an easy choice who doesn’t want a car that can turn into a kick ass robot. Santa may like this for just that reason who knows. At least Bumblebee could talk to him through the radio and keep the evil Autobots ay bay.

They you go Santa just a few ideas for if you eer want yo pack up your sleigh and give the reindeer the night off.


By @hmsbeefnuts

Before my scheduled article for today, we at All Geek To Me would just like to take some time to express our sympathy and sadness at the incident that took place at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, in America, in the early hours of Friday morning. We can not imagine how the family and friends of the victims are feeling right now, but that we, as well as I’m sure, anyone reading this are thinking of them in such a tragic time. Better writers than I have already put thought far more eloquently than I ever could about the incident, but my thoughts are, we should give this as little press coverage as possible, and not make the perpetrator in anyway famous, or infamous. Geeky Gem, Kirkie Chick and I have all attended midnight screenings in the past, and know how excited all those Batman fans were at the cinema in question. I don’t normally go in for sentimentality, but this happened to fellow Batman fans, and movie lovers, Geeks like all of us, and I felt that something should be written to show that the Geek community is behind the victims families and friends. Batman never uses guns, hates them, lets hope that this horrible incident doesn’t become known as the Batman shooting, but becomes better known for introducing a Batman law, guns are dangerous, normal people don’t need to own them. We here at AGTM urge you not to worry about visiting a cinema, even at this awful time. Watch the Dark Knight Rises, it is fantastic, let people know that fear doesn’t rule.

Batman is cool. We all know this. Unlike most superheroes, he was never involved in a chemical accident, he was never bitten by a radioactive animal, he didn’t come from an alien planet, and was never experimented on by the military. Instead, Batman’s parents were killed, in front of him, turning a nice well mannered boy into a revenge machine. Luckily for little Bruce Wayne, although his parents were now dead, they were extremely rich, and he was left the Wayne family fortune. Now what better pool of resources to have than seemingly endless amounts of money, especially if you want to wage a war on crime, and haven’t any superpowers to speak of. Time then for Bruce to spend some money on the best crime solving gadgets that ridiculous amounts of money can buy. Lets look at some of the Dark Knights greatest gadgets!


OK, so you might not need this on every mission, but you don’t want to be without it when you do need it. The best way to deal with a shark attached to your leg. Also comes in other sea creature flavours.


Perhaps the most essential part of the Batman’s arsenal. The grapple gun is the best way to get around Gotham, trap falling supervillians, rescue damsels in distress, and generally act like a superhuman badass, even if you are not superhuman. It looks cool, I want one, it is the first or second best (Indy’s whip?) form of swinging movement, sorry Spider-Man. Grapple gun for the win!


Perhaps the most famous piece of Bat kit. Useful as a weapon, or as a grapple device, and obviously shaped in the form of a bat. The batarang is a multi use device, a perfect amalgam of form and use. Can also come in radio controlled version, for super annoying video game sections!!


Now here, we are taking a bit of a side step. Batman’s gauntlets are awesome, but there was a time, when Bane had broken Bruce Wayne’s back, and Jean Paul Valley, AKA Azreal took over the mantel of the Bat for a time. One of his less friendly innovations were a new set of killer gauntlets. Razor sharp talons, able to fire mini bat throwing stars like bat bullets. OK not strictly within the rules that Bruce Wayne set up, but they were awesome.


What better way to disappear than smoke? A small pellet thrown to the floor suddenly engulfs the thrower in a thick smoke, disguising their escape. Batman uses this to further instil fear in his enemies, and I particularly likes using it whilst playing Arkham City. So much fun to throw one down, grapple gun up to the rafters, then swoop down to deal out mega damage to henchmen. Smoke pellets, don’t leave home without them.


All the above items need to be kept somewhere on Batman’s person, somewhere easily accessible to Batman, even in his direst need. What better place then, than a utility belt? Who didn’t want one of these when they were a kid, a pocket for smoke bombs, a pouch for a batarang or two. Lets face it, who doesn’t want one now? It like the coolest bum bag (fanny pack?) ever, and comes in sexy yellow.

Summer Kights: Awesome Batman Merchandise

By Geeky Gem

As for one month only I am being allowed to talk about Batman again, I thought I would talk to you about some of the awesome Batman merchandise out there for fans of the Bat  to get their hands on. Here I will look at just a few must have items, that need to be in every Bat fan’s collection. I should know, I have them or have had them, or have had the pleasure of dreaming about them.

Batman T-Shirt

Personally I think this is a must have for many Bat fan’s. There are loads of different Batman t-shirt’s out there and if you have any you are awesome. However you cant go wrong with classic Bat Symbol t-shirt. Its simple and I love it.

Bat-Mobile Toy

Toys, who doesn’t like a good  toy. There are so many Bat toys out there its hard to pick just one and of course there are different versions of the Bat-Mobile as well. I picked this from The Dark Knight movie as it came with the bike. Its every thing you want from a good toy.

Batman Mug

Kirkie Chick bought me this Mug for Christmas last year and I love it. I use it all the time, I can often be seen in the Geek Cave with this mug full to the brim with coffee or other drinks. Its an epic mug.

Batman:The Animated Series DVD Box Set

If you have ever read anything I have written about cartoons or Batman, then you know I love this cartoon. This fantastic looking box set is epic. It would take pride of place in any Bat fan’s DVD collection.

Batman Arkham Asylum

If you are a regular to this site, then you may or may not know that all of us here At All Geek have played this frankly amazing game. If you are a fan of Batman and haven’t played this game then you need to beg, borrow or steal it and play it now. Actually don’t steal it that illegal and Batman would not be happy.

There we are just a little taste of just some of the amazing Batman stuff out there to get your geeky mitts on. I know I am looking to add more all the time, there is just so much Bat stuff about its awesome. Enjoy!


By @hmsbeefnuts

Here we go again with another Batman related article, in celebration of The Dark Knight Rises. In this exciting episode….we look at the various vehicles that Batman has employed throughout his crime fighting career. As he has no super powers, apart from being a super bad ass with a bad attitude, Batman has to rely on various modes of transport to get around Gotham, in order to beat the crap out of the latest escapees from Arkham or Blackgate. Who didn’t dream about owning the Batmobile as a child, who doesn’t want their own Tumbler today? Batman is awesome, and as we all know; ‘its the car right? Chicks dig the car?’. Of course they do, so lets discuss some of Bruce Wayne’s wonderful toys.


How is a vigilante with no super powers supposed to get around town? Sure he could zip line, but it seems so undignified. What said vigilante needs, is a car, and someone of Bruce Wayne’s means can afford one hell of a car, or 17,000. Every iteration of Batman has had a Batmobile, and they have all been awesome in their own unique ways. For my choice though, I have gone for the 1989 Batman Movie Batmobile, a sexy, curvy, badass ride for any man about town. Features? Well the front looking machine guns might not be your typical Batman gadget, but add a self driving feature, shields that turn it into an impregnable cocoon and super cool bat wing spoilers. I think you’ll agree, it is a striking looking town car.


Villains don’t just ply their trade on land you know, they are a wily bunch. There are times when Batman may need to take to the high seas to tackle a bad guy. What better mode of transport to use then, than the Bat Boat. It’s important that your boat matches your outfit, and the Bat Boat is an excellent example of co-ordination. A sight that will put fear in the hearts of any watery ne’er do wells, and also impress the ladies, the Bat Boat is the premium ocean based crime fighting tool, accept no substitute.


Who doesn’t want to own their own helicopter? Who doesn’t want to own their own helicopter, that is styled in the fashion of a bat? Exactly, everyone. The Bat Copter is used in a different way to the more commonly seen Bat Wing, but is no less essential to the modern crime fighter. Used as a reconnaissance device, or as a rescue vehicle, The Bat Copter is without doubt, one of the coolest pieces of kit in The Bat Cave. Oh, and don’t forget the Bat Shark Repellent Spray.


Crime is world wide. Batman’s base of operations is Gotham City, but there are times when he may need to travel the world, enlisting Batmen for his fight against global crime, or he may need to travel to see his friends in the Justice League. Easy enough for Bruce Wayne to get on a plane, but who wants airport staff looking through your bags and finding your tights/utility belt? It is clear that Batman needs a private plane, obviously in the shape of a giant bat, that he can travel around the world quickly and quietly. Just watch out for ridiculously huge hand guns…


When traffic on the busy streets of Gotham becomes a problem, Batman can always substitute the impractical, for parking purposes, Batmobile, for the sleeker Bat Cycle. The Bat Cycle can also be fitted with an optional side-car, for any side kicks that one may have. The Bat Cycle looks the part, is easy to park, and when the bad guys are weaving in and out of traffic, it can be the difference between them getting a severe beating, or getting away. They deserve a severe beating.


I have saved the best till last. In modern times, a car that looks like a bat is, well camp and garish, and how is one supposed to instil fear in the hearts of the criminals of Gotham, driving around in a mixture of a bat and a canal boat? What the modern day, realistic vigilante needs is a tank, or bridging vehicle, that can handle even the toughest urban situation. It also helps that if your ride gets totalled, a Bat Pod can be ejected, that is perhaps even cooler than the Tumbler itself. The Tumbler/Bat Pod combo is clearly the best thing Batman has ever driven around the dark streets of Gotham City, and quite frankly, I want one.

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